Amazon Influencer Program – Complete Guide How To Become Amazon Influencer

Updated October 6, 2023

If you are an influencer and have not heard of amazon influencer program, you’re missing out on an excellent earning chance.


Imagine increasing your influence on not just social media but the globe’s largest online marketplace.

The Amazon Influencer Program can help you do just that. This new solution seeks to help bloggers leverage their earning possibility straight from the platform.

Who would not want to do that?

Keep reading if you’re enthusiastic about becoming an Amazon influencer and earning some quick bucks. We have got everything covered for you in this article.

What Is an Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer Program

Many people are aware of Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing solution.

The links users post on their websites, or blogs get them a commission on product purchases through the link. Usually, they will pitch a specific item like the book they enjoy. Perhaps the affiliates will speak a lot about the goods they are promoting, or it might be a collection of items related to their field that they think followers might enjoy. For opinion leaders, being an Amazon Associate is a good way to cover the expenses of running a blog. And a few will earn more money than they pay to operate their website.

However, the Amazon Influencer Program is a bit different.

Instead of being geared towards users who exert influence via their websites or blog, this solution is focused on the social networks crowd. Imagine it as an influencer marketing campaign on steroids. Why? Because bloggers are invited to advertise items that are sold on Amazon. They set up a custom storefront that displays goods that they endorse. This storefront then provides the possibility to purchase the item, just like a regular online commerce platform.

What is in it for bloggers?

Like the Amazon Affiliate Program, an influencer solution is an option for users to earn money by advertising things sold on the marketplace. Essentially, the platform is using influencer marketing to sell goods, but with some twist. While some goods that shoppers buy this way, like Alexa or Kindle devices, are an Amazon brand, many more are not. Opinion leaders, thus, can help promote goods from multiple brands under one agreement. And both the brand and Amazon make money when goods are purchased.

A win-win-win for the influencer, brand, and Amazon, isn’t it?

Let’s look deeper into this Amazon Influencer Program, starting with the requirements for influencers.

Amazon Influencer Program Requirements

When the Amazon influencer program was originally released, they sent invitations to well-known industry veterans with a massive number of followers. These include Whatsup Mom, Felicia Day, and Mark Cuban.

So what’s precisely needed to be accepted into the solution?

Before applying to the Influencer Program, you should first be aware of its requirements. To qualify for this program, Amazon has certain criteria that bloggers must meet.

These are:

1. The large audience on social media.

As mentioned above, the platform expects bloggers to have many followers to participate in the program. While there’s no mention of a specific number, it’s assumed that your followers must be genuine and relevant.

2. Engagement ratio

The platform also finds out how much you communicate and reciprocate with the audience and on which social networks. It’s just to ensure that you have a broader presence and engage with your followers.

3. Publications quality

Another important thing is the general quality of your posts. Amazon searches for bloggers that publish high-quality content. Thus, if you make useful content on your media, you have a better chance of being selected!

4. Influencer value

You should also know that the platform looks for bloggers that bring it value. They might search for factors such as the probable number of sales you may get or your influence on various social networks.

How to Become an Amazon Influencer?

The market for bloggers is increasing more than ever: 6% of third-party amazon influencer program for sellers cooperate with influencers to advertise their product listings, and about one-third of them intend to grow their brand via influencer marketing, social media, and other off-page marketing campaigns on the platform.

If you enjoy a solid follower audience on social media, now is the perfect time to apply for the amazon Influencer Program and get money on brand and product recommendations. So let’s start the process!

How does the amazon influencer program work?

Step 1: Registration

To apply, visit the Amazon Influencer Program homepage and proceed with “Get started.”

You must create a new amazon account or log in to an existing client / Amazon Associates profile. If you’re making a new account, you will have to enter the following details during the registration:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Password

Amazon client account is essential to participating in the Influencer solution. After filling out your data, you will get transferred to your influencer program profile.

The enrollment process for the Amazon influencer solution will require you to enter the information below:

  • Access to your best social media account – link or username. Add your account with the largest number of followers.
  • Your name
  • Your profile image
  • An optional image for the header
  • Your bio (up to 350 characters)
  • The e-mail address you wish to get the reports to

Step 2: Enrolling in the Amazon Influencer Program

You must decide between the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Picking Facebook or YouTube will require you to connect your account to Amazon. If you choose Instagram, you need to enter the size of your audience, the number of publications you’ve made, and the handle on Instagram.

We recommend selecting the website where your presence in social media is highest. The larger your audience, the better your chances for your application to get accepted.

Step 3: Creating your storefront

The next part is to add your Amazon Storefront name and tagline.

Participants of the Amazon Brand Registry may build custom storefronts to improve their marketing. Amazon Influencers can also benefit from a special Amazon Storefront. It is what differentiates Amazon Influencers from Amazon Associates.

Ideally, it would be best if you were advertising the goods you are using or have already used. For instance, the most successful participants of the Amazon Influencer Program tend to share their experiences with the items.

Add your profile and header image to make the storefront more attractive.

Step 4: Making your account

Next, add the necessary account information. When done, click the “Save and Finish” button, and you will be redirected to the Amazon Associates dashboard.

As soon as you are in your dashboard, follow the Amazon influencer solution on Instagram with the profile you have used to register for this program. The application won’t be approved until you do it.

While you are waiting for your enrollment application approval, you may begin building out the Amazon storefront!

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