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Updated October 6, 2023

There is a famous saying that is true to the T. We have heard it many times, ‘the world is a social web’. On hearing it first time we don’t realize the impact of the phrase or how true it is in today’s world but when we give it a second thought we realize the value of the phrase. The internet or any other form of digital media connects people from all corners of the globe.

People in the Far East know what’s going on in the reading an article submitted by an American citizen on the internet. Social networking is another communication tool that is scaling great heights by bringing people across the globe together.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc are now not only used to keep people in touch but also used to promote brands and websites. These sites are now flooded with advertisements of websites and brands and shortcuts to various blogs. Links to blogs fill these social networking sites and therefore blogs are visited more often. People have started writing their own blogs and posting the links to the networking sites.

If a person ‘A’ reads a very interesting post on a blog, he shares the link with his friend ‘B’, then that blog post is read by all friends of ‘B’. This way that one post is shared worldwide by just the click of a button.  This way, companies share their blogs on the social networking sites and by a week has almost the entire world read reading it.

Social media has affected online blogging in a huge way. Blogs are specially created to promote websites through these social networking sites. Blogging has increased and the net has almost become a blogger’s paradise. Blogs are now more wide spread and have an increased readership. Blogs are circulated throughout the world through Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking sites. Social media has now become a fabulous marketing tool as almost everyone in this world is connected through them.

Search Engine Optimization companies now ask their clients to promote their websites on social networking sites as they are used on a worldwide basis. Search engine optimization has also picked up pace with these trends.

Social networking is not just about chatting with friends and posting pictures. Now, thoughts are shared, articles read by one individual do the rounds and are read by people who do not even know the person who first posted the link. This is the cheapest and probably the most effective way of publicizing your website.

Each of these social networking sites has millions of active users and more than half log in everyday, this increases the readership of blogs by a huge percentage. Blogs these days go viral online.

Author Bio:- Anuj Sharma is a young part time blogger India.He blog at Wpblogtips and like to write about Blogging, Social media, search engine optimization ,Tech and Make money online.

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