5 Tips for Selling Amazon Products for Affiliate Marketers

Updated October 6, 2023

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Affiliate marketing can be a profitable business for many people, especially if you are selling Amazon products. Affiliate marketers can do well if they choose the right products and structure the process well. In this business structure, you’ll promote products on your website and earn a commission for doing so. You can use those funds to grow your business if you like. It is possible for affiliate marketers to earn five figures or more selling Amazon products, but before you do so, you need to know how to do it well.

Find a Way to Stand Out

Perhaps the most important thing to know about selling Amazon products as an affiliate marketer is that there is a lot of competition. That’s not to say there’s no room in this industry – there most certainly is if you find your own niche to stand out in.

The first step is to choose something unique, something that may not be the hottest item on the market. However, be sure to choose something that’s interesting to you. It needs to be something that you can demonstrate knowledge of (you’ll be writing reviews, sharing opinions, and answering questions about it, after all).

Once you find something you know enough about, your next step is to build a brand image for your reviews. That is, you want people to know you are honest and authentic. You want them to see you as insightful and not simply copying the other guy. Doing this, with a bit of personality or charm, helps to build your brand as a marketer.

Why does this uniqueness matter? First, it helps you attract the right audience. Second, it allows you to give them something they can benefit from. And, it allows you to gain their trust, which ultimately means more conversions and sales.

Learn to Review Products

It seems easy enough – just write or video a review and you’re done, right? Not quite. Remember, you are not just getting people to your website or page. You are going to need to give them enough information and insight to click on a link to buy what you are talking about. For that reason, you need to consider the value of writing engaging, in-depth reviews.

Good content is important, but you also want to cover all aspects of the product. Be thorough including both the good and the bad of the product. Ultimately, you want consumers to respect you in your recommendations, but you also want to ensure they have ample reason to do that. Don’t promote a product you cannot stand behind.

Engage with the reader by providing thorough information. Explain why you bought it, what features it offers that stand out from the rest, and how you are using it. Discuss the pros and cons, but also the practical benefit of owning the item.

Then, tell them if they should buy it (most of the time the answer is yes) and how to buy it. That’s when you’ll place your affiliate link. Be sure people walk away from this review with an understanding of your experience with this product.

Linking Matters – When and What

As noted, you’ll place links in your content that lead people to the product on Amazon. This affiliate link, generated by Amazon for you, is something to use wisely. First, be sure you provide a good deal of information early on in the review. You do not want to start out with an affiliate link as that takes away from the overall authenticity of your review. Instead, make sure to place it towards the bottom when you are actually telling people that you think they should buy it.

You can use it towards the middle of the review as well – say around the third or fourth paragraph. Some studies indicate that this is where most people “trust” content. Placing here, perhaps on a keyword, can give you the best bang for your investment.

Before you place any link, there is one key goal – you must show the reader that this product has some value. You must give them a reason to buy it. By providing real value to the consumer, they know the product is worth buying, but they also value your review. That is, they trust what you are telling them.

Photos in Your Review

Another important area to work on is product images. You’ll want to include images to create visually interesting content. However, you also want to turn these images into clickable links – the person sees the image, clicks on it, and your affiliate link takes them to a page to buy it.

One secret to doing well with Amazon affiliate marketing is to make images clickable like this. They are by far the most likely way people will end up making a purchase. People simply respond better to photos than they do content.

That comes with a few rules, then. You want to ensure the images are high in quality. You want to ensure that the high resolution shows features or specs that consumers are looking for within that product – showcase what stands out about this product.

Create and Work Towards Ongoing Sales

To build a five-figure income at Amazon as an affiliate marketer, you need to develop a following on your website. You also want to create ways to get people back to your site. One of the best ways to do this is through email.

Follower and customer emails can be collected during the review and after it. You’ll want people to be able to sign up for your list on their own, perhaps to get a video of you using the product or an in-depth review of the product. A buyer’s guide is another way to get people to give you their email address.

By doing this, and working to review numerous products in your niche, you’ll gain a following of consumers who want to read your reviews. You also want to work to develop your website, build SEO, and social media marketing. Work to build this type of following over time, as you work to grow your Amazon affiliate marketing business.

All of this can produce the income you’re looking for through affiliate marketing on Amazon. However, Amazon marketing can be rather complex and often has many factors that can make or break those just starting out. If you want to hit the ground running and produce high-quality reviews and websites, you need some help. At Nuanced Media, we offer the Amazon marketing support you need. We encourage you to reach out to us to help you set up your affiliate marketing business model today.

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