9 Instagram Story Hacks to Engage Your Followers

Updated October 6, 2023

Ephemeral content is on the rise. Previously, stories were only available on one or two major platforms. Now, almost every single social media application has a “story” so that you can upload transient content which vanishes after 24 hours.

Instagram was quick to join this trend as well and now, almost two billion accounts use the “Stories” feature every day. In fact, a large number of users prefer seeing stories from brands instead of feed posts. Thus, stories are an essential part of your social media game. You can even opt to buy instagram followers for your profile to get the desired number of followers. Let us share nine Instagram story hacks that are sure to engage your followers.

1. Multi-colored text

This is pretty straightforward, just not that well-known. Here is how it works: you can select a portion of the text you have typed on your story, and then tap a color. Doing so will only color the selected part of the text, leaving the rest unaffected.

This is an easy way of producing a rainbow or gradient effect in your stories.

2. Solid color background

There are nifty little features in the app that amaze me to this day. If you want, you can use a solid color from Instagram’s color palette as your image background. Just tap on the “draw” icon, and you will find the color tray on the bottom. Choose a shade of your choice, tap anywhere on the screen, and hold for a couple of seconds. Voilà. The screen will be filled with that color and you can do whatever you want above that.

3. Use the shade you like

Instagram provides 27 different colors that you can apply to your text or drawings. However, why stop there? If you tap and hold on a color in the color tray on the bottom, it will expand into a rectangular gradient tray that contains various possible shades. Choose either one to get exactly the tint you need.

4. Use the “Create” mode to its full potential

The “Create” mode on Instagram stories does not merely allow you to add text. It has several other features that you can swipe left or right on the capture button to select. These include shoutout, GIFS, Templates, Mentions, Poll, Questions, Question Responses, Countdown, and Quiz.

Next time you want to wish someone a happy birthday, use the shoutout feature. Plus, the Templates section has multiple templates you can randomize by tapping on the screen. Go fish!

5. You can copy and paste photos!

This one may be a bit limited. If your phone provides an option of copying photos from the “Share” menu or even from some other place, then copy it. Next, go to your story, use the text option, and instead of typing, hit paste.

The beauty of this feature is that you can create a collage of as many photos as you want without having to worry about some photo editing software.

6. Some layer and depth add, well, depth to text…

Suppose you want to type “wonderful” with a shadow effect. Type it like you normally would on your story, copy it, and then type it again in a new text box. Shift it just a little bit diagonally towards the top-right so that it looks like the foreground. Choose whichever colors you want for the foreground and the background and you will be ready with your shadow effect. Who said you needed 3-D glasses?

7. Quickly align your text

You can swipe left or right on your text WHILE the keyboard is showing. This will automatically shift the alignment in whichever direction you are swiping. And people say swiping on dating apps is a waste of time!

8. Up your font game

There are various font tools available on the web . On these platforms, you can type out whatever you want to post, choose a font you like, and click copy. When you paste it in a textbox on your story, it will retain your font. You can wow your followers the next time you upload a story with fonts that are a thousand times more engaging than what Instagram offers. Gain more and more engagement on instagram by buying instagram followers from the best sites.

9. Use a totally custom font

This one builds on the previous point. If none of the options on an online tool is to your liking, or you have a branded font, or for some reason, the font is not available outside your own computer/device, you can use a simple workaround. Open a photo editor that allows you to add text (even MS Paint will do) and overlay that text on the image. Now save the image with overlaid text and share it to your story. Granted that it takes a bit longer, but this workaround gets the job done, which is what you were looking for.


There you have it. We hope you found tips and tricks and hacks that were previously unknown to you. Invite your friends to see this post and if there are any hacks that you would like to share, leave them in the comments box below.