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8 Applications to Copy Files Faster in Windows

The default application in windows which is used to copy files outside or inside the computer is not so faster. It takes time and provides no details about the file progress. In windows xp the copying application is not good as windows 7 has, because in W7 copying application is showing detail about the copying file. Although Microsoft is improving every application and feature in every new window, but still there are specialist softwares available to speedup the performance of a feature. There are a few applications that can speedup the copying process and save you time.

1. Tera Copy

Applications to Copy Files Faster Tera Copy

Tera Copy is one of my favorite application. It moves and copies files with faster speed and detail information. It reduce seek times and allow you to pause a copy file any time during copying. Another useful feature of tera copy is that it will keep repair errors in a file and continue copying the file. It is compatible with all typle of windows, and even with Linex and Mac.

Download TeraCopy

2. Ultra Copier

ultra copier

This is another copying application that enables you to replace the default copying app and copy files faster. It provides you detail about a copying file, if any error accrue during copying it also provide you suggestions and solutions. It provides all the features that TeraCopy provides.

Download Ultra Copier

Other Applications

Apart from the above 2 popular applications, there are a lot of more applications that can help in copying process. I found 6 more apps that can improve copying speed, try and then share your comments about the application you used..

3. Fast Copy 4. Copy Handler 5. Burst Copy

6. Copy Faster 7. Super Copier 8. Total Copy

Feel free to share anyother file copier you now is the best and faster one.