Timothy Sykes Review: Is Tim a Professional Scam Artist or is he the real deal

Updated October 6, 2023

Having made a name for himself, Timothy Sykes is a multi-millionaire penny stock expert and an entrepreneur who was fortunate enough to turn his $12k Bar Mitzvah gift money into over $4 million while attending university. Having a trading experience of around 20 years and 10 years of teaching, Timothy Sykes has stayed on top of trends online for providing expertise in the area of penny stocks. With his flashy marketing tactics to living it out loud on Instagram, Tim made himself noticeable to media and was featured in Forbes, CNN, ABC, The New York Times, Wall Street Warriors etc. for his remarkable journey of becoming a millionaire.

His trading strategy

Tim’s trading strategies have been a safe bet for him. Although it is difficult to reproduce the same results, I personally believe they’re great for learning and can push you to formulate your own strategies. Tim is an avid believer of investing in your knowledge account first, to reap monetary benefits from it in the long term. Therefore, he actively teaches and provides valuable insights to his students so they can learn to be effective.

Although he keeps diversifying his options and takes advantage of different types of stocks, penny stocks are what made him who is he today. He firmly believes that a combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and using stockstotrade can land traders into finding good opportunities. He consistently advices his students to make use of stock charts and look for multiple support and resistance levels in the past timeframes to enhance your decision-making capabilities.

Penny stocks are volatile in nature. A good trick Tim always shares is to keep an eye on elements such as earnings, new catalysts and paid promotions. Tim concludes that paid promotions disintegrate a stock’s credibility as it artificially inflates the price of the stock at first, and then later the price would crash back down once the paid promotion is over. He has been notably seen calling out these corporations over such pump and dump scams.

Tim usually focuses on the best setups only, so you will see him holding his stocks for a very short period and trading only few times a week. Diversifying his style and being adaptive, he prefers investing in bull markets and focuses on short setups in bear markets. He religiously uses stockstotrade, which narrows down the best stocks and depends highly on technical analysis and past patterns to get the maximum benefit. Sykes has often made profits off of predictable patterns. Dip buying, Morning panics on recent supernovas, shorting the first red day on recent pump and dumps and buying the first green day on ideally a former runner or an OTC with big volume, big catalyst are his favorite patterns to get results from.

Scam or real?

Sykes pulls no punches when it comes to talking about his wealth. Because he likes to flaunt over his success, he has long been the subject of criticism and controversies, although there is no legitimate proof of him being a scam. In fact, he is a firm believer in transparency and is very open about sharing his figures with the world. Take a look at how he has built up his wealth over the past few years.

Stock Trading

Having taken his courses, I can vouch for his authenticity and genuine style of teaching. His platform provides extremely useful information and is beginner-friendly for those who have an interest in this area. He is passionate about teaching and openly talks about his strategies.

Taking a deep look into what he has to offer, here are a few do’s and don’ts that can help you if you are thinking of stating your own penny stock trading journey as well.

What he has to offer

InvestimonialsInvestimonials.com: Launched in 2009, this website is devoted to collecting user reviews of financial services, books and videos, websites, blogs, newsletters, software, as well as financial brokers. It acts as a resourceful platform where positive and negative reviews can be posted and viewed about trading and investment products and services.

Stocks to Trade

Stocks to trade:

StockstoTrade is developed by traders, for traders. It combines information, tools and features to help traders save time. With Stockstotrade, you can find most potentially profitable plays quickly, access your watchlists, keep an eye on stocks in real time, make use of dynamic charts with drawing tools, indicators, and price alerts.


Profit Ly

Profit.ly is an online trading platform, which is a hub for Sykes and fellow traders and gurus to share their knowledge and expertise. Students can sign up for their preferred subscriptions to be exposed to a pool of learning materials, DVDs and video lesson libraries related to stock trading.

Is it worth it? Let’s evaluate

First, I’m going to talk about the two main subscription plans you can choose from; Tim’s Alerts and the Penny stocking Silver Plan. At first glance, both plans look similar with a few differences here and there. However, both provide different values to different people. Ideally, if you’re a newbie in the world of stock trading and want to test the waters while having a mentor guide you throughout, the Penny stocking Silver Plan is an absolute win for you. Meanwhile, if you have already learned the ropes and are familiar with the concepts, lingo and ins and outs of stock trading, Tim’s Alerts subscription might do the job for you. Let’s evaluate both plans in terms of pricing, features and offerings to determine which one can prove to be your best bet.

Here’s a quick overview of pricing of both plans and how much you’d save from each:

Tim’s Alert $74.95/M $900/Y $58/M $697/Y 24% Savings
Pennystocking Silver $149.95/M $1,799/Y $108/M $1,297/Y 28% Savings


Tim’s Alert Membership gives you access to the Chat Room, Stock watchlist, Real Time SMS and Email alerts, as well as Trade alerts. However, the Penny stocking Silver Plan facilitates you with all this, and provides access to 5k plus video lessons and further videos which are added by Tim or other gurus’ including Paul Scolardi (Superman) on a weekly basis. These videos provide more than 410 hours of content and are ordered in 50 different categories. After watching several of these videos, I maintain that the Penny stocking Silver Plan is better value for money. The video lessons can yield benefits even to the people who already have experience. His teaching style remains authentic, exclusive and comprehensive, which can actually help you narrow down your own narrative and construct valuable strategies for trading.

Tim’s Alerts plan is mostly dependent on Tim’s alert of trade. This can be unsettling for most people as it can be hard to understand Tim’s moves unless you already have a trading plan set in place. In my view, the alert style approach only, is insufficient. If you are unable to catch the alert right away, you may not be able to follow the same moves as Tim, or the stock may have spiked up a few cents already. Additionally, I wouldn’t advise you to copy his footsteps exactly or blindly follow his alerts. What works for him may not work for you since penny stocks move fast. Therefore, in order to figure out what would work best for you, learning patterns and investing in educating yourself is crucial, which is why I recommend the silver plan. Obviously, learning from these video lessons would also require you to give it your time and effort, but it can help you start the process of becoming an independent, self-sufficient trader. You won’t become an expert in a few months; therefore, I recommend signing up to the yearly plan as you would require a lot of time for learning. In the beginning, you can sign up for a month and definitely upgrade to the yearly membership to save money.

The Chat Room:

Chat Window Profit Ly


The Chat Room is run by Tim and a few moderators; Michael Goode is mostly active and has some great calls during the day. The chat room also includes alerts for whenever Tim makes a trade, which are available by Email and SMS so it can be accessible anywhere. The chat room provides the facility of filtering out just the moderators as it can clutters up a lot of the times. The chat room is a great feature, and alerts are helpful for understanding what moves Tim is making and evaluating his techniques.


Tim has a big DVD library, apart from the frequently updated video lessons. These DVDs are fully detailed guides on their own, and you have to purchase them separately. From what I have noticed, his newer DVDs have updated production quality and more relevant content as opposed to the older ones. If you want to properly learn how to trade like Tim, you will have to invest in these DVDs. Even in his video lessons, he sometimes refers back to lessons and concepts explained in his DVDs, therefore, to have a strong background, studying from his DVDs is important.

Although all of his DVDs provide competent knowledge about stock trading, “How to make Millions” is a whole different game plan. This is the longest, one of his best selling and the most comprehensive guides of all. I would recommend this DVD as a must watch for anyone who wants to understand Tim’s mentality, the market and his trading strategies. Other than that, which other DVDs to buy, is really your call. If your aim is to focus on buying strategies, opt for Spikeability, whereas watch Shortstocking if you’re a short seller looking to expand your knowledge. Another DVD that I would recommend is Trader Checklist. It is free as well, so you might as well watch that first.

The Millionaire Challenge:

Pretty self-explanatory, this challenge is aimed to produce millionaires, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The millionaire challenge is Sykes’s exclusive challenge, with a premium price. This challenge has a specific criterion and generally, is not for everybody. With a price tag of $5000, this challenge requires you to be a dedicated trader. To enter the challenge, you have to be available to monitor the market and the chat room during the trading hours every day, attend multiple live webinars on a weekly basis and essentially, have enough money to trade. Because of the price tag, people often get confused as to whether they should invest in the challenge, or use the money for trading. Where you stand financially and how determinant you are, this is your call. This challenge is only open for people who are genuinely passionate, up for the hard work and have a lot of time to invest. Instead, you should invest in one of his other plans like the Silver Plan to learn at your own pace.

In conclusion

Overall, Timothy Sykes and his platform is a great way to go for newbies. His legitimacy really depends on how you view him. If you think he will make you a millionaire, its going to be an uphill battle for you. If you view him as someone who can teach you the trick of the trade and mentor you, he can be your safe bet. In my opinion, Timothy Sykes is definitely not a scam. He portrays transparency in all his traders no matter the loss or profit. Despite his flashy marketing tactics on social media, he is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and trading both. When signing up for his program, don’t expect to get returns in a short term without putting in the hours.

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