6 Tips to Choose an Embedded GUI Framework for Wearable Devices

Updated October 6, 2023

The Internet of Things has brought a promising market of smart products that can work on the body, like watches and bands, and make life easier. Known as ‘wearable devices,’ these smart devices aim to substitute typical one-function devices such as normal watches and replace them with smartwatches that perform smartphone-like functions. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, fitness bands, smart glasses, and sports trackers are the leading products of the wearable devices industry.

Hence, apart from increasing the aesthetic features of mundane devices such as watches or glasses, these wearable devices are also increasingly being used in the medical industry to keep track of fitness records, etc.

These devices operate with smartphone-like features, using embedded microcomputers known as microcontrollers, helping conduct operations such as making calls, viewing pictures, do arithmetic operations, acting as remote for clicking pictures, and more.

The wearable devices industry doubled in three years from 2016 with 325 million connected devices to 722 million connected devices in 2019. Hence, now that the smart, wearable devices industry is flourishing, it is expected to grow to one billion by the year 2022, making it more important than ever to introduce the best embedded GUI in wearable devices. Here are a few tips for choosing an embedded GUI framework for wearable devices.

1. Customizability of device

Wearable devices are the modern-day substitution of accessories. Today the beauty of smart devices relies less on what it looks like but more on what it can perform. So the modern-day equivalent of accessories will need to perform well as per the preference of each unique individual and the company designing it. Needless to say, this can only be obtained if the embedded GUI framework is customizable enough.

Not only will it help personalize the design of the screen of the wearable device, but it also will help to create a sophisticated yet easily navigable app that goes with the wearable device.

Especially as most wearable devices are health and fitness-centric, they will need to be easily shaped to the needs of individuals. Using embedded GUI software is one way to design and build an appealing GUI for your wearable devices to captivate the audience. Also, it helps add customizable features to the device itself.

2. Customizable app

There are countless companies trying their hands at wearable devices. A select few best frameworks are being used to create the GUI of these devices. As each company wants their unique touch for these devices, this can be obtained if the frameworks are customizable enough to create apps that reflect the singular design of every individual company.

Moreover, different devices will require different settings to operate. A framework with a boundless feature count and endless ways to modify the code will be needed to achieve this function. Additionally, the same framework will be used to develop apps for the compact screen of the wearable device itself, which will be needed to be customized according to the company and the audiences’ wishes.

3. Navigable framework

The best element to look for when choosing a framework to design the embedded GUI of wearable devices should be the framework’s navigability. Because wearable devices come with very small screens, they require GUI elements different than those typically required for smartphones. Finding all these features will require a navigable embedded GUI framework.

Clearly listed menu, divided into categories to facilitate the finding of different codes, designs, and programs can ease the creation of new wearable devices. It can help reduce both the time and money required to design the wearable device. A separate menu for choosing preset libraries with universal codes is also a nice feature to have in your desired framework.

4. Preset libraries

Preset libraries are a collection of pre-written codes that you can use as it is or take out the code, customize it, and then use. Preset libraries in a framework can help you minimize the time that would be otherwise required to write tedious code statements. Preset libraries can also be used to provide the basic code fabric that will be required for the creation of a wearable device embedded in GUI.

Additional code can be built on the top of the code of preset libraries to provide sophisticated features to wearable devices. It is an easy way to customize apps for wearable devices.

5. Compact design and code

Look for a framework that specializes in compact design and code. Smart wearable devices come with very small screens as compared to smartphones and tablets but have more features packed into the small space. Hence, it may look like the features and apps of the wearable devices are competing with each other for space. This can be helped by bringing in a compact design of GUI creation that relies on fewer commands as compared to typical smart devices but performs a decent number of functions.

It can include compact code that brings about single-press execution of functions like making calls, accessing fitness services, monitoring heartbeat rate, and other sensors. Another tip includes only-necessary notifications and split-screen view.

6. State-of-art applications

One way to choose a framework is to see the quality of apps it helps build. This includes design, feature placement, color palette, on-screen contrast, pop-up screens, resolution, cohesion, and sync with wearable device app and app sounds.

A state-of-art application and increasing the aesthetic factor your smartphone app connected to wearable devices help maintain a seamless syn between them. It forms a bridge between the app and the wearable device screen to see what the accessory device’s small screen can not portray. The feature is a great way to increase business for your device and build a strong customer base.


The framework for the embedded GUI of wearable devices requires much more thought when choosing. It would help if you saw how you can build a trend in the still-growing industry and still hold a distinct place. Choosing the best framework with the help of these tips will assist you in accomplishing just that.

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