MetroTwit: A Metro UI Based Twitter Client

Updated October 6, 2023

With the advent of Windows 8, Metro UI is the talk of the town these days. Metro UI, designed by Microsoft, is known for its eye candy looks and smooth finishing.

Did you like the new Metro UI? Would you like to have a twitter client based on the all-new Metro UI look? If your answer is yes, we have just the right thing for you. MetroTwit is an Internet Explorer based application for Windows delivering the Metro enabled interface twitter experience.

As the name speaks, MetroTwit interface is based on all new Microsoft’s Metro design. The interface is very elegant and clean in looks and make working on twitter a pleasant experience. The program needs NET Framework 4.0 to run. You will be prompted to install it if you do not already have it. After confirming the security warning the installer will download the necessary files and install the application.

metro twit

When you run the program for the first-time click on the sign in button to authorize your twitter account. As soon as your account is authorized the program will show up with the timeline, mentions and direct message columns.

twitter account

Below the columns their is a status update box with profile, lists and search and trending button.

twitter new

The programs give a popup notification of new friend’s tweet, mentions and direct messages right on the desktop.


The program has a very wide settings menu giving you control over every notch and corner.

twitter client

If your links contains images you can preview it right from the tool itself without opening the browser.

ui twitter client

  • Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of the tool.
  • Auto complete for usernames & hash tags
  • Infinite scrolling of tweets
  • Resizable and re-orderable columns fitting in every window mode.
  • Inbuilt dictionary monitoring your typos
  • Less tacky interface with lightning-fast speed.

My Verdict

Though the program is based on Internet Explorer, I am impressed with it. If you are looking for a trendy, simple, beautiful and memory friendly application to tweet, MetroTwit delivers it all.

Author Bio:- AshishMundhra a tech blogger from LostInTechnology and an Editor at WorkYourOffice is an enthusiast in the field of technology.

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  • hello. Quick question for you. is this twitter client by chance hope to extend your social bookmarking reach, in terms of building new web traffic and targeting your online audience effectively? I appreciate your answer to this 🙂

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