50 Interesting League Of Legends Facts That People Don’t Know

Updated October 6, 2023

While League of Legends (LoL) is almost 8 years old and constantly increasing in popularity, there are still some things players might not be familiar with. Here are the 50 interesting facts regarding LoL.

Easter eggs

  1. When more than one ninja champion is in the same team, they lose 1 health.
  2. When Sion kills Zyra and vice versa, they get 2 bonus gold.
  3. Also Yorick’s ghouls will target Zyra’s plants if in range.
  4. Graves and Nocturne have a unique dialogue toward each other.
  5. Malphite’s ground slam leaves Riot Games logo on the ground.
  6. Vilemaw will perform a special dance if two other champions dance near him.
  7. Maokai is an anagram of I am oak.
  8. Maokai and Zyra get 1 movement speed when they are near each other.
  9. Spirit Guard Udyr has special taunts against Nidalee in cougar form, Anivia, Volibear and Rammus.
  10. Ashe has special taunts against Sejuani and Lissandra.
  11. Lissandra has a special monologue in ARAM.
  12. Tristana has a rocket in her pocket.
  13. Tryndamere and Aatrox have a special interaction.
  14. When Zilean and Volibear are on 2 separate teams, Volibear gets the chronokeeper hater buff and Zilean gets the armoured bear hater buff.
  15. If you walk into a bush as Skarner and wait for a bit, he will say “Skar Skar Skarner” as a reference to Pokemon.
  16. If Jinx or Vi perform their special taunt on Caitlyn, she’ll get the debuff “Agitated”.
  17. Whenever Jinx is on an opposing team to Caitlyn and/or Vi, they each get a debuff titled “catch me if you can”.
  18. When Vi and Caitlyn score a kill together, they receive 1 extra gold.
  19. Leona does 1 less damage with her Sunlight to champions with sunglasses.
  20. Nidalee featured a hidden passive prior to her rework that granted nearby allied champions 5 experience every 5 seconds if they were lower level than Nidalee.Leagend of Leagues Facts

Champions and abilities

  1. When Zyra’s hit by Leona’s sunlight, she and her plants grow slightly.
  2. Zac is the only champion you can kill with smite as his blobs count as minions.
  3. If two Draven’s are dueling, they can catch each other’s axes.
  4. Sejuani’s dash can break Jarvan’s ultimate (as in actually break the wall).
  5. Sejuani’s dash also breaks through Anivia’s wall.
  6. When an enemy Nunu dies near Thresh, two souls drop, one for Nunu and other for Willump (the yeti).
  7. If Volibear’s frenzy (active effect) deals a killing blow against Lollipoppy, he’ll have a lollipop in his mouth for the rest of the match.
  8. Heimer’s passive heals turrets.
  9. Using taunt on Neon Strike Vi, Vi toggles her goggles on/off.
  10. Smite procs spell vamp.
  11. Teemo can place approximately 37 mushrooms before the first one disappears.
  12. Volibear’s Rolling Thunder allows him to move enemy wards if he can see and target them.
  13. If Fizz does a killing blow to a small champion with his ultimate, the dead champion corpse will disappear (the shark eats the body).
  14. Heimers passive heals turrets.


  1. There’s a smiley face on a rock at the bottom lane.
  2. Wards count as creep score.
  3. Ward have 20 AD.
  4. Swain’s bird is called Beatrice.
  5. Master Yi is Wukong’s teacher and they have special interactions.
  6. Hecarim and Mordekaiser have a special relationship.
  7. You can ping the Nexus Obelisk.
  8. The shark that appears when Fizz casts the spell “chum the waters” is called Chomper.
  9. The first champion designed was Singed.
  10. Vi stands for the Roman numeral 6, because she was the 106th champion.
  11. Scoring a pentakill with Heimerdinger will grant a cosmetic buff “Eureka”.
  12. On a side note, you can buy LoL accounts at https://www.aussyelo.com.
  13. Some character skins, represent browser engines like Chrome Rammus, Safari Caitlyn, Foxfire Ahri and Explorer Ezreal.
  14. Thresh’s max health at level 18 (without health items) is 2013.
  15. Shaco’s quote “Why so serious?”, is a reference from “The dark knight”.
  16. While Zombie Brand is chasing an enemy champion, he’ll sometimes use a unique run animation and groan.

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