5 Websites For Improving Your Mental Agility

Updated October 6, 2023


Improving Your Mental Agility

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We all know we should be doing our best to keep our bodies in good shape, but what about our brains? Brain exercises are just as vital to our health, helping to fight off diseases such as dementia. There are a number of activities you can do to help keep your brain in good condition, from reading to practicing an instrument. None have captured the imagination quite like brain training websites and apps though.

From games consoles to the app store, ways to train our brains have become a big industry. There’s a lot of variety out there for you to enjoy, but here are a few of our favorites to make sure you don’t start getting a bit mentally sluggish.

Online Casinos

Gambling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’d be surprised by the health benefits it can offer for your brain. Online Casinos list, review and rate the biggest casino websites and games on the internet. If you’re looking to test your brain with a little bit more on the line you can find the largest variety of games to test yourself against on Online Casinos.

Gambling, particularly card games such as poker and blackjack, have been shown to help a number of cognitive abilities. These games force you to keep track of multiple factors at once while trying to work out the strategy of the people you’re playing against. This improves your ability to multi-task in stressful situations. It can also improve your short term memory as you’re constantly remembering little factors.

If testing your mind against real players looking to win money sounds more enticing than a collection of cute mini-games, then this is the website for you.


Luminosity is a leader in the genre. This brain training and mental fitness website and app sees use around the world and is celebrated for its collection of games. They create simple online games and tools with quirky, colorful designs that help improve cognitive abilities. The variety of appealing games on offer don’t just keep your mind in good check, they’re pretty entertaining as well!

Luminosity games are designed by scientists to improve aspects of brain functionality including speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem-solving. Within their huge library of games, you’re sure to find something to test whatever aspect of your mind you think might need a tune-up.

With a free Lumonisty account you can play up to three days a game. However, if you want full access to the library you will need to pay a subscription fee.

My Brain Trainer

My Brain Trainer is another subscription-based website, but one that’s much cheaper than market leaders like Luminosity. You can get three months with My Brain Trainer for the cost of one with Lumonisty. This doesn’t mean you’re getting anything less likely to improve your mental agility though.

The website features a collection of puzzles and games to test your cognitive abilities against. These games are a little less flashy but most can be customized to your own preferences. My Brain Trainer also includes a free brain test before you get started, which determines the age and power of your brain. This is essential for knowing how much progress you’re making by playing a couple of months into playing these games and puzzles.

If you can spend an hour in the gym every other day you’ll have no problem completing the recommended 10-20 minute brain workout on this website or their 21-day basic training program that eases you into the routine.


Cognifit is a healthcare company that has quickly built up a strong audience for their collection of brain stimulation tools.

This is a slightly more technical option. They work with healthcare professionals and make their games available in 15 languages. The website features scientifically validated brain function stimulation tools designed to access and improve cognitive health. Cognifit’s games are consistently being updated to match the latest scientific discoveries about brain functionality, making sure none of the tasks are based on out of date science. You can find tasks, games and puzzles all with their own style designed to improve your perception, memory and attention among other factors.


The best mental agility apps and websites are all a little bit addictive, and Queendom has that in spaces. Their website features a collection of personality tests and surveys, part of an impressive collection of brain tools.

The variety is one of the best aspects here. If industry norm brain games don’t quite cut it for you then there are a number of alternatives to keep your brain sharp such as testing your long term memory with fun trivia quizzes. If not just a website for keeping yourself mentally agile, but finding out a bit more about yourself.

If you find yourself introspective after your mental agility tasks then jump into their extensive collection of life tips and blogs covering issues including relationships and personal growth.

As we all become more reliant on Google to be our memory bank and technology to do everyday tasks for us, training our brains is only going to become more and more important. This means brain training apps and websites aren’t going anywhere fast, If you’re feeling a bit sluggish or forgetful, or just want something more stimulating in your morning routine than browsing Twitter then consider our suggestions.,

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