Constructing an Ultimate Gaming PC- Points to Remember

Updated October 6, 2023

Gaming PC

When it comes to gaming, a top-notch gaming PC outsmarts a console like the PlayStation 4 or an Xbox. It is so because PCs are highly customisable.

PCs can be modified or upgraded over time according to the user’s needs. There are separate components available for performing selected tasks.

These components can be upgraded over a period of time so that they cater according to the games you play or according to the intensive tasks you perform.

Buying or assembling a gaming PC is a bit of a hectic job. For gaming consoles, the work is simple. You simply need to go to the market or just order a gaming console and start playing games on it.

It is a single component or a separate unit, whereas in the case of PCs you will have to buy the right component and match the other components accordingly.

Sometimes one element of your setup relies on the other or both of the elements would be rendered useless.

Buying a gaming PC may be costlier than buying a new gaming console but it surely is a great investment.

It is so because gaming PCs last longer than gaming consoles. By lasting longer we mean that the support for games on gaming PCs is forever whereas companies stop paying attention towards the gaming consoles launched by them or just simply launch a newer version of the gaming console in every four to five years.

Thus, buying a gaming PC would be more viable because you would be able to play games on it forever, you’ll just have to upgrade the components inside it so that the PC runs smooth.

These are some important tips that should be kept in mind while assembling the gaming PC:-

  • The GPU should be strong enough to support all the games. GPUs play an important role in running the game. Sometimes the game you install on the system may lag or give frame drops if your GPU is not strong enough.
  • You should go for a design that is easy to upgrade in the future. For example, buying an ATX case that is easy to open without the help of any tools would be a good option. Also, buying a motherboard that has a decent amount of RAM slots would be a sweet option if you want to upgrade or increase the number of RAM sticks in the near future.
  • Try to buy all the latest components as technology is changing or upgrading everyday. Make sure that all the elements, even the smallest of them (like the USB ports) are following the latest trend.
  • Be ready to upgrade your gaming PC every two to three years otherwise you would not be able to play all the latest games smoothly. In fact, your gaming rig would not be able to support all the latest games if you do not upgrade it over time.

Now we will go further into details.

If we talk about choosing the design of a gaming PC then buying the perfect ATX case is very important.

Modern day ATX cases come with tempered glass panels on the sides so that the inner elements of the PC are visible.

The inner elements are also made attractive by using RGB LED lights and software’s that control the glowing patterns for these lights.

Size of the PC also matters a lot. These ATX cases come on various sizes. Some setups can be huge, some can be average while some are so small that they can easily be fitted anywhere.

Choosing the size also determines how many elements can be placed inside the case. Not much can be fitted inside a small ATX case.

There should be enough room for fitting in liquid cooling systems and radiator fans because keeping the PC cool is also important.

The system will release a lot of heat while intensive usage or heavy gaming and to do this it will require a decent cooling system. So all in all, the size of the PC matters and choosing the right size according to your needs is very important.

Performance is what matters the most. If you expect your gaming PC to run all the latest games smoothly then a lot of attention (and money) should be paid towards the right elements.

GPUs, RAMs and processors are the backbone and they majorly determine the performance of your gaming PC.

If you are a bit tight on budget then AMD has got you covered as AMD provides the best budget processors and GPUs which can easily handle all the games that you throw at them.

If you have a lot of money to spend then a regular i7 processor by Intel and an Nvidia GPU should do the job. RAMs also increase the performance of your gaming PC.

RAM usually determines the multi tasking capabilities of your gaming PC so at least 8GB of RAM should be present in your setup.

Storage is also one important aspect. HDDs will slowly become obsolete so you should definitely buy an SSD. Pairing a SSD with HDD is the best option.

A 1TB HDD should be more than enough for your gaming PC. Then installing a 256GB SSD would be a good call as the SSD greatly increases the performance of the gaming PC.

The boot time, the installation speeds, the copying speed, all these increase significantly.

You can easily notice the difference between using a PC with no SSD present inside and the PC with a SSD. Also, SSDs the storage option of the future, so your gaming PC should possess a SSD.

VR headsets are getting popular these days and if you want to go with the latest trends then you should assemble your gaming PC according to VR support.

Not many VR games are present in the market but tis technology has a lot of scope and inevitably there would be a lot of VR exclusive games. So, your gaming PC should be up and ready for the challenge.

Also, the required ports (not just for the VR headset but also for other needs such as the USB 3.0 port) should be present on your setup.

People do not pay a lot of attention towards this but keeping a check on the ports available is also very important.

Lastly, the price is what matters. Whether you would be able to buy a gaming PC for the maximum amount of money you decided to spend or not.

If you are tight on budget then an entry level gaming PC is enough to cater your gaming needs. An entry level gaming PC also runs all the major games but the settings need to be set lower. You would not be able to play these games on

Ultra preset but surely would be able to enjoy the game on low or medium settings.

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