5 Things You Should Know About BVDash Project Management Software

Updated October 6, 2023

Recently, with the increase in technological integration in business, cloud-based business solutions are on the rise. Most industries are affected by these changes & ways they handle their tasks and issues. The utilization of technological advancement solutions in solving industry and business-related problems is growing. For example, gathering data insights, responding to changing customer demands, and effective budgeting are now all done using cloud solutions, software’s and artificial intelligent systems. One of the many industries that has been affected by technology is project management. Project management teams have benefited largely by using efficient project management cloud based software’s, such as BVDash.

BVDash Review

BVDash has taken smart project management a step ahead, and completely revolutionized the project teams collaborate together. BVDash stands for Bird’s-eye View Dashboard, referring to the highly user-friendly interface that gives its users a holistic view as well as great control over each task and section of the overall project management. By using and incorporating BVDash in their day to day activities, enterprises have been able to manage costs effectively, manage and schedule project tasks better, solve project-related issues faster and it even has helped to increase the quality of communication between teams.


BVDash is beneficial to anyone who has a newly-formed business, as well as medium to large enterprises that have a large number of projects and employees. For new businesses, project management can be overwhelming, especially if they are operating in today’s advanced and highly dynamic business world. Which is why an extremely customizable and user friendly cloud solution for project management is a necessity. For large businesses built of many employees, miscommunication, lack of proper schedule control, inability to keep track of tasks and projects is a common challenge. In such a case, a flexible, efficient and quick cloud solution like BVDash is important, as it streamlines the whole business’s processes, data and projects in one place for better control and management. BVDash project management software has all the features you need to manage your projects, such as issue management, risk management, cost control, scope, budget, program management, timesheets, team collaboration and much more.

This is one of the few software’s on the market today that offers program management. Program management, allows for program managers, and high-level executives see the overall health of all of their projects, giving them a birds-eye view.

It also needs to be mentioned that BVDash is both available on the cloud, or it can be installed on your servers on premise. BVDash is one of the very few companies that offers both to its clients.

BVDash Mobile

Here are 5 features and benefits of BVDash that you should know before integrating it in your enterprise.

1:- Platforms

One of the most important and outstanding features of BVDash is its versatility and diversity, it does not limit its users. BVDash is a software solution that is compatible with multiple platforms, allowing its users to use it anywhere, anytime and to be able to share project information with their clients if they choose to.

BVDash can be used on computer systems including Macintosh and Windows. In Addition to this, BVDash is also compatible with android and iOS mobile devices that allow greater user control and convenience.

2:- Cost control

A very common reoccurring problem for many project management teams is the inability or failure to keep proper and effective track of costs and expenditure. This is a huge challenge for new businesses, since they may have no systems in place, and yet they have to develop the appropriate skills to manage their projects well. For such cases, BVDash is the perfect solution for companies who are managing their data on spreadsheets or similar. BVDash is also designed for mid to enterprise level companies, who may be using systems such as SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Slack or other software, BVDash can easily connect to those third party solutions and bring all the data to one dashboard.

BVDash allows real time access to program and project data, has a user friendly and easy to read dashboard that contains all the essential data. You can make full use of this highly flexible, over viewing, transparent dashboard and pick up any drastic or unusual patterns in the expenditure. Gaining control over the derailing or unexpectedly increasing expenditure at an early stage is much better and efficient than catching the problem when it has already reached a critical point. Therefore budgeting and cost control, being the core component of project management, can be made easier and effective with the use of BVDash software solution.

3:- Third party connections and allows outsiders accessibility

This factor or feature of BVDash software may be overlooked or underestimated at times, but it really shows its significance once you begin to properly use it for your business operations. BVDash is one of the very few program project management software solutions that allows third party connections. Meaning, you can connect to other external software systems and software’s and integrate all your business insights, programs, and data in one streamlined solution. Using a software like BVDash will allow you to save costs, time, extra efforts and can help in better management and integration of valuable business data in one place.

4:- Customization, do it your way

Another great feature of BVDash is its highly user-centrist format that allows you to manage and fully customize it according to your understanding and ease. BVDash allows you to keep check and control of all your tasks, plans and schedules in one place on a user-orientated and well-illustrated dashboard. The columns and fields can be customized based on your business needs. Their team has a great reputation of working hard, and meeting client needs.

5:- Competitive pricing structure

Last but not the least, this is a very important factor to consider when choosing any kind of software solution for your enterprise. The payment plan, pricing structure are all important factors to consider in order to fully make use of the software solution and match it to your business’s needs and resources. BVDash has a monthly payment based plan, that has 3 categories. It charges you on per user basis, and has 3 categories of payment plans that include professional, business, and enterprise. If you do not want to subscribe to the plan instantly, BVDash also allows you to take a free 30 day trial period without a credit card, so you can decide wisely. BVDash does not have a contract, or setup fees unlike many project management software companies out there today. For large enterprises and companies, its best to speak to one of their representatives. Extended trials are also possible for larger teams.

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