34 Top Karaoke Software for Personal Computers and Mac

Updated October 6, 2023

During the days of our childhood, almost all of us had a phase where we loved to sing songs. However, there was a limitation as most of us didn’t know correctly all the lyrics. This problem was solved with the invention of karaoke machine in the 1990’s. By playing in the recorded music, this karaoke machine allowed millions of people to sing on the tunes of their favorite songs.

However, with the evolution of technology in the past 2 decades, karaoke software have taken the place of the recently outdated karaoke machine. These softwares could be installed at your phone, personal computer or they could also be accessed online.

Thus, if you’re in the midst of a party or going berserk in a disco club, these softwares allow you to epitomize your social skills by enabling you to sing your favorite sings in front of the audience.

Here is a list of the karaoke software that you should try.

Karaoke Softwares for PC and MAC

Karaoke Softwares For Windows

1:- Karaoke Player

If you’re a user who want a software with a user free interface, karaoke player is definitely designed for you. As indicated by its simple name, this software is very simple to use. You only have to select your karaoke files and the software will do the rest by synchronizing them itself.

2:- PC DJ Karaoki

One of the biggest plus points of this software is its ability to run simultaneously on two monitors. On the first monitor it will allow you to edit the playlist, whereas the second monitor could be used to display the lyrics. Thus, if you’re planning on organizing a Karaoke night with your friends, here is a software that would enhance the joy of your party with its clever user interface.

3:- Siglos Karaoke Professional

In case you are serious about karaoke, here is a software for you as it costs a LOT of money. But before I tell you about the price of this software, allow me to dish out some of the features that have made this software so costly. It has an inbuilt feature that, upon command, will scan your computer for karaoke songs. Also, it could make numerous playlists on its own.

Turning our attention back to the money talk and this software is best to use for people who will use it commercially. This software costs $100, an amount which disparate itself away from the normal public.

4:- Advanced Karaoke Player

Organizing the playlist and shaping your media files are two of the many functions that this software will do for you. In addition, it won’t cost you a dime as you can download it for free from the internet. However, as they say every valuable thing comes at a price, the pricelessness of Advanced Karaoke Player indicates a huge drawback in its formation.

For example, if you’re in a party, you will have to check which extensions this software will support as it doesn’t support many of them. Thus, if you’re planning to prevent yourself from being red-faced, take my advice and check the extensions that are supported by this software.

5:- One Karaoke

From Windows 98 to the XP and latest version of windows, One Karaoke is supported by almost al the versions of the windows. The software demands that you have 40 MB of hard drive space available for its setup and installation. Also, a Windows Compatible Sound card is also necessary.

By offering comprehensive file type support, flexible content management, media transport control and dual monitor support, One Karaoke has solved the problems of thousands of Karaoke lovers in the past decade. Also, if you want to listen a particular song more than once, it gives you the opportunity to do that by its personal bookmark feature.

However, if you’ve read the aforementioned paragraph carefully, you’ll understand that these features are unique and that they shouldn’t come for free. Well, exactly they don’t come for free. In-fact, they cost a lot of money as the price of this software is $179.

6:- vanBasco’s Karaoke Player

Even though the scope of this software is extremely limited – as it plays only three extensions, the fact that it comes for free offers some compensation. It allows you to change the fonts, their colors, number of lines and you could also tamper with the background Image.

7:- Sing Magic Karaoke

In addition of giving you the option to adjust the tempo of the music, this software also allows you to adjust the song’s pitch. Therefore, if your vocal range is small as compared to the one that is originally sung by the user, the adjustable pitch option would definitely pay dividends for you.

An additional benefit of this software is that it is totally free.

8:- OkeOke.net

Although this software has a misleading name, its easy to use user interface when combined with the ability to easily manage the media files will make this software a beloved darling for you. One added benefit that makes this software a whole lot competitive that its counterparts is its ability to record and share. For example, if you feel that the song that you’re about to sing is worth recording, you could do that with this software. Also, it’s totally free.

9:- Karaoke 5

Before telling you about the pros and cons of this software, let me tell you that there are two versions of Karaoke 5 available on the Internet. The freeware version – as suggested by its name, contains less features and supports few extensions that its premium counterpart.

10:- KaraokeKanta.net

Looking at the economical perspective of KaraokeKanta, the makers of this software offer two versions of it on their website. While the free versions include things like synchronized recording, exclusive system voices and pitch speed, more advanced features like keyboard shortcuts, positioning and marking system comes in its premium version.

11:- Red Karaoke

Available on the Microsoft store, this software will give you 10 complimentary songs on its free download version. However, if you want to have access to more than 45,000 songs in its library, you would have to subscribe to a VIP Membership.

12:- Walaoke.com

Looking at the inbuilt features of its software, Walaoke.com has the ability to play any extension that is available on your computer. Also, if you want to replace any video with your own during music, you could do it easily by using this software.

13:- Just-sing

If you’re planning to buy a karaoke and a recording studio separately, hang on as here is a software that mixes them both. Yes, the Just Sing karaoke software has the ability to mix your recorded files with a karaoke. Also, it comes for free.

14:- Pro Music Software

Although you might not understand the language that is written on the software’s website, believe me that it is one of the best software that is available on the Internet. In addition to its capability to play karaoke, switching the pitch speed mid-song, this software has another huge advantage: It’s free!

15:- Karaoke Builder

Belonging to a company that was brought into inception in 2001, Karaoke builder has developed affordable and professional quality software over the last decade. In addition to possessing the major qualities of a karaoke player, this software has a brilliant interface with which you could read the words out load from the screen of your monitor with ease.

Karaoke Software for Mac OS

1:- KMid v2.4.0

In addition to providing enhanced tempo control and ability to temper with the pitch, this software allows you to adjust the fonts, volume and color of the lyrics that are displayed on the screen. You can also change the visual image that will be displayed on the screen by either a rhythm view or a piano player window.

2:- KJams

As described by the homepage of this software, it could be used for house parties as well as for private events. It has a song library that is drastically similar to that of iTunes and it also gives you the ability to burn CD+G discs. Just like the iTunes where the more advanced apps come at a price, similar is the case with the KJams Software where there are several built in music stores. In these music stores, thousands of songs are available which you could purchase according to your choice and the depth of your wallet.

3:- QMidi v2.5.5

Costing in the range of 15 Euros, this software allows you to shift pitch in real time. Meaning that if you think that you cannot keep up with the pace of the song, you could slow it down and bring its pace according to your singing speed. Also, it has the ability to play movies, display visuals on a second monitor and it also displays its content in full screen mode.

4:- iStar Karaoke

Even though this software is free to download on softonic, it has been declared a dubious karaoke app by the very website on which it is available for download. Reason? Well, there are many of them. For example, it has happened often of late that the lyrics doesn’t refresh meaning that while the music goes in the forward direction, the lyrics are stuck there and the person singing the song will have nowhere to go. Thus, if you still plan to download this software, the best that we could do for you is to wish luck.

5:- ARIA

More than that of your simple karaoke player, this software has the ability to be displayed in a DJ Mode and a VJ Mode. Its interface is so user friendly that even the most naïve of the karaoke lovers would operate it without any sort of discomfort. You could also plug in your Mic and ARIA plays no less than 14-extensions on it. Also, as evident by the comments of various users that have used this software, it has no dead air which means that there is a minimal chance that any of its lyrics will get stuck.

6:- TunePrompter

Even though this software is very easy to use, various users have given it a very poor rating of late. It support the MP3 extension and automatically searches for the correct lyrics. Also, if you own an iPod, iPhone or an Apple TV, you could easily upload all of your karaoke videos to the aforementioned devices using TunePrompter.

7:- KaraFun Player

Marked by its blue and white lining background, the first thing that will awe struck you after playing this software is its simplicity. Also, if you’re wondering what the word Kara means, it means dear in Italian. It also gives you the power of syncing the songs offline.

8:- LyrxKaraoke.com

Being a strong music file browser which has the ability to do lightning quick search of karaoke files on your computer, this software enables you to send the lyrics to the secondary display. Also, if you are a user of the Apple Products, this software is a must download for you considering its love for the iTunes.

This software automatically imports all the iTunes Playlists which means that you won’t have to move a muscle in moving your beloved playlists to this karaoke software. Another advantage of this software is that it automatically displays the name of the Next Singers on the list. For example, if 10 of your friends want to sing on a karaoke but you can’t decide which one would get the first turn, LYRXKaraoke will do this job for you.

9:- SingSong Karaoke

Adorned by an average rating by the users on softonic, this software is a bit different from each of its counterpart that is mentioned above. Although it allows you to sing your favorite songs, there is one key area where it differs from its counterparts. That key area is named as the fun karaoke game by the software.

When you take part in this game on the software, it will ask you to sing a song of your choice from any language of the World. After you are done singing that song, this software will rate how good or (let me say) bad have you sung.

Thus, if you’re an aspiring pop star who is aspiring to make it rich in the Music Industry, Sing Song is a must download for you. However, as you might have guessed the Karaoke Fun Game comes at a price.

There are three artists i.e. Madonna, Eric Clapton and Gloria Gaynor whose songs you can sing for free. However, if you aren’t a native English and wants to sing songs in any other language, you’ll have to pay a sizable amount to acquire that service.

One another disadvantage – which we could describe as HUGE, is the fact that this software won’t automatically detect lyrics. For example, even if you’re running late for a karaoke party, this software would require you to manually enter all the lyrics.

Thus, in this age and time where the Karaoke Software detects all the lyrics automatically from their files, this software is a bit outdated. Also, it runs on Java which means that it could weigh heavily on your Central Processing Unit. In simple words, it means that the Java Running habit of this software might decrease the speed of your system.

10:- KantoPlayer

Coming from a Company known as GloboSoft, this software has the ability to play more than 7-extensions on your Mac. In addition, this software gives you total control on selecting the input sound source and it also allows you to record your singing music.

11:- Karaoke Media

If you want to test out how effective this software has been over the past few years, a mere glance at its downloading list would be enough. With more than 3-Million download under its belt, the Karaoke Media Software has taken the Online Music Industry by storm since its inception a short while ago.

12:- KaraFun Player

In addition to having a library of more than 9000 songs, the KaraFun player is one of the most user friendly software that you would ever come across. This software has a built in feature that allows you to create your own playlists of the songs that you adore. In addition, while we often come across extensions in our computer than the normal karaoke player won’t support, KaraFun player has the ability to play any extension that is available on the Internet.

However, sorry to puncture your optimism but this software has a drawback. It will cost money. In addition to fully acquire all the aforementioned features of this software, you would be required to dish out a monthly subscription fee of $9.99

13:- Kanto Karaoke

Unlike most of the softwares that are mentioned above, this software offers three versions of its own. The first one is a free version and that is available on for the Windows. However, in it, the playlist songs are limited to just 5.

The second form is an advanced version of the aforementioned as it has an unlimited playlist and also allow free updates for life. It costs in the region of $45. However, if you’re not convinced by the two versions mentioned above, there is another version of this software which could be used for professional type. It costs in the region of $69

14:- MidicoKaraoke

If you’re fed up with the traditional karaoke players who do nothing but play songs, here is a software that is an editor-cum-backing track creator. However, one thing that hinted to me as a limitation of this software is that it only supports a handful of extensions.

15:- Disney Karaoke: Frozen

As suggested by its name, this software features audio and video clips from the Disney film “Frozen”.  Thus, if you’re a youngster who is a frozen fan or know somebody who loves the Disney creation, this software is the best for you.

16:- KaraokeTubeapp

Although you could download this app for free on your Mac device, there are certain in-app purchases that would certainly weigh heavily on your pocket.

17:- Tune Prompter Mac

Although a similar named software is available for windows, tune prompter – the parent company of this software, has inaugurated a separate version of it for the Mac Version.

18:- UltraStar Deluxe

Inspired by the Singstar version that is available on the Playstation, this software allows 6-users to sing songs simultaneously. Thus, if you are planning on going to a party where all the participants will love to sing songs, UltraStar Deluxe is the right software for you.

19: CuteDJ Software

If you want to do DJ Mixing, scratch, remixing and vinyl emulation, CuteDJ Software will take your experience to the next level.

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