How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Freelance Writer?

Updated October 6, 2023

Freelance writing has been gaining immense popularity in the recent years. With the availability of internet, several freelance writers have established themselves online. These writers usually work on a per hour or per word basis. Freelance writing is not a small business anymore, as it has expanded immensely due to the popularity and demand of various different type of content.

Hire a Freelance Writer

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There are various websites available on the internet, where one can find a number of freelance writers. All of them have different pay rates, which may differ due to their skills, experience and knowledge. Freelance writing may be required by a company, magazine, newspaper or blogs many times a month, or even days. Content available on websites is constantly changing each day to lure in more audience, and to do this, writers are required for writing new content. Following this, freelance writing is becoming a big business for several people.

A number of factors decide how much it will cost to hire a freelance writer. These are not limited to just the skills, knowledge and experience of an individual, but also the type of content you wish to hire them for. A normal article or essay may be written by a writer for less money, while a blog post or press release may have them ask for more money, even if both were of the same words. Similarly, rates are different for different platforms. A magazine article may be charged for more than a newspaper article, or vice-versa, depending upon the popularity and the content budget. All of these features combined together result in deciding the hiring cost of a freelance writer. Let us have an overview of how you can hire a freelance writer at the right rates.

Writing Rates

If you are looking to hire a freelance writer to write for your company, you must decide whether you want to get a new writer and spend less on the content, or get a fairly experience writer, but spend more amount on the content. The latter will be more preferred, if you truly want to promote your content. On an average basis, a freelance writer may cost you up to $0.02/per word to $0.25/per word for an average article of 350-500 words. Blog posts cost may vary greatly depending on the niche, amount of research required, writing style and more importantly, the length. On an average, a good and experience freelance writer may cost you up to anywhere between $7-$15 for a 250-400 word blog post, or more.

Editing and proofreading costs also depend on variables such as the number of word, and whether the rewrite work is minor or major. Usually, an experience writer will include proofreading and editing rate within their working costs. Editing and proofreading cost may go from $2-$4 for a 300 word article. Press Releases on the other hand may cost quite an amount depending on its length, and the information being written in it. Press Releases, unlike the other type of content written, follows a general and fairly constructive layout, which is more business-oriented. It is generally written for companies, and usually uses the word “we” more than “I”. It includes information about the company, due to which it is mostly of the highest quality. Press Release rates can differ largely depending upon what you require, and are higher than that of blog posts.

Hiring Decent Writers

You must not be confused if the freelance writer wants a rate higher or lesser than the ones mentioned above. As previously mentioned, rates depend on various variables, which may differ depending on your requirements and the experience, skills of the writer. The rates are never fixed, and are always negotiable. Moreover, various websites let people post their own projects, on which people can mention their rate. By visiting these websites, you can easily find a suitable freelance writer that fits your description and budget.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders can help you save quite an amount of money. Negotiations are better performed if you have ordered content in a bulk. A writer never likes to lose a large amount of work, for a few dollars, even experience writers will not want to leave an opportunity, due to the fact that a freelancer work is never fixed. He or she may not receive work at times, and may have to spend some hours searching for work.

Budget Setup & Type of Content

You must have a clear idea of the money you will be spending on a freelance writer, if not exact, an estimate is highly recommended. Your budget will directly be settled by the type of content you will have the writer write. A press release will clearly cost more than a small blog post, or a blog post will clearly cost more than a normal essay.

If you wish to want to hire a freelance writer at reasonable costs, you can visit Moreover, you must always perform a background check of the writer by viewing his or her samples, and going through the writer’s review. By looking at the feedback provided by other people, you will be able to get a rough estimate about the writer’s skills and experience.

Some of the other popular freelancing platforms are the following.


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