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Updated October 6, 2023

Being online is not enough anymore; customers don’t want their work on the computer screen back in their office; they want it in their pocket while they travel to a meeting. For those who need to stay updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week the apps are a must have.

Industrial machinery from the best brands is now available anytime anywhere thanks to the creation of app auctions. The pioneer in this field is the German company Surplex GmbH; which has more than 15 years of experience in the distribution of used industrial machinery.

Surplex Auctions Android

With the new app offered by the company; depending on the client’s location and preferences, there is access to hundreds of auctions; from sanding and polishing to lathes or combined machines. At most times, there are at least 400 active auctions and with the app the clients can stay updated and make sure not to lose a single chance to get the best deal. Just like its producer, the app didn’t start slow, but hit the stores with nearly 600 downloads in the very first month of its existence. This number rose to 1,000 in the second month and keeps on growing. Now, over 3,500 users from almost 100 different countries are using it on a daily basis.

Setting aside all the numbers and the statistics. What really makes a difference is functionality and how adequate is the service provided. The company is positive about the quality of their app and especially the security they have set up. Moreover, most of these machines come from renowned companies in the specific industry and, when serious about purchasing, anyone can reach the original owners for a check.

Apart from security and variety, the Surplex auctions app is quite popular because of its functions. The company was aware that their clients are business people with no time to  waste, so their app allows the user to select its preferences and requirements in the settings in order to see only the auctions that he cares about. In addition, there are also functions such as active auctions search or favorite auctions listing; all the facilities for a smooth experience are included.

This free app can be downloaded and accessed from any android-based mobile system; be it   smartphone or a tablet. With the company’s distribution being spread throughout the whole world, it’s also providing access to high-class machinery to people from even the most distant regions or countries. Wherever whenever, app auctions will keep the client in touch with their acquisitions while having the freedom to move around.

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