5 Best Offline WordPress Editors For Your Blog

Updated October 6, 2023

One of the most popular and useful solution to write posts when you are not connected to internet is “Offline Post Editors”. Using these editors, you can write articles and after completion publish it to your blog. It supports visual previewing, different font styles, publishing to multiple blogs, trackback plugins etc. These are very useful tools, in case there is no internet and you want to write a article. Simply open offline post editors and write whatever you want. Following are the most popular offline post editors.

offline blog editors

Popular Offline Blog Editors

1. WBloggar.com

The first wordpress editor that i used is wbloggar. It is much more simple as compare to other wordpress offline editors. It allows you write post and then publish it to your blogging platform like wordpress, blogger, typepad, livejournal etc.
You can easily edit posts, edit template codes, text alignment, create colored HTML codes and import text files. You can also preview your post before publishing it. It supports all Microsoft operating system.

2. Scribe Fire Blog Editor

This is a firefox add-ons and it works perfectly with firefox, when you are not connected to internet. Just like other post editors, this firefox add-ons also allow you to post articles to your blog using all the features like inserting images, different formats, spelling check, built in dictionary etc.

Install Scribe Fire in firefox

3. Live Writer

Microsoft provides a very useful and enhanced offline editor for free. Edit posts, Preview posts, Instant Publishing and Complete selection of fonts, image placement, text wrapping, define spacing, insert videos and audios etc are the main features of live writer.

Another useful feature of Live Writer is that it supports plug ins, which makes the process more easy and quick. Add plug ins and enhance the writing skills. Create your posts offline using live writer and then publish it to your wordpress, blogger or any other blogging platform.

4. Post 2 Blog

As the name indicate that post to your blog. Simply write a great and killer post in Post2Blog and then after completion publish it from inside Post2Blog dashboard, using your username and password provided by your blogging platform. It supports automatically posting to digg, technorati and other popular social bookmarking websites, post in any format, uploading images, automatic pinging and so on.

5. Quamana

Quaman is a new but very useful offline post editor for bloggers. This is much more simple and need no expertise. Simply download quamana and install it in your computer or laptop. It allows you to align text, multiple window editing option, image alignment, cross posting, trackbacks and so on.


  • Andy from Workshopshed

    Do you know of good offline blog editors for Android phones? I’m wanting to write blogs for blogger and wordpress whilst on the tube.

  • 20dollarlogo | cheap logo design

    this thing is new to me. i can now post offline. thanks bilal

  • Dev | Technshare

    Thanks for this Great post bro
    haven’t tried any offline WP Editors 😉
    Keep up the Good work Bilal

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