3 Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Updated October 6, 2023

You collected a lot of video material the last few weeks, months or years, and now you finally want to take the time to cut them together into one video? That’s a great idea, let it be a holiday video, a collection of all the good memories you’ve had or maybe a video as a gift for a friend. One of the problems that arises when it comes to video editing is where to start and how to avoid making mistakes. That’s why we’ve created this article! Find out which beginner mistakes you should avoid when it comes to video editing!

Video Editing Mistakes

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Is video editing a difficult task for beginners?

It can be a confusing and difficult task for beginners to edit their first video. Suddenly, there are so many things you have to keep an eye out, and you feel easily overwhelmed. That’s completely normal! The key is to continue editing, getting better knowledge of how things work, and get more experience. Sooner than later, you will get the feeling of how a good video is shot and edited, therefore our best and most important tip is to keep trying. Even if you have to invest time into your first video, without a satisfying result in the end, this is all part of getting better! Don’t give up because that is the biggest beginner mistake when it comes to video editing!

These are the 3 video editing mistakes you should avoid!

Before starting to edit your first video, you want to know the most common beginner mistakes? Try to avoid the following mistakes when you edit your video!

Using the wrong editing software

We highly recommend that you use a good editing software. Not just for editing, but also as a converter. What a lot of people don’t know is, that videos filmed on phones are often a different format than, for example, DSLR-cameras; therefore you need to convert them. That’s why we recommend an editing and Video Converter. This is the best option because you have both options in one program and save time and energy to prepare your videos for the editing process.

Focusing on unimportant features

If you look at videos, for example on YouTube, did you notice that small aspects, like a car ride are usually kept short? No one needs to see the highway for 3 minutes until you reach your destination. These unimportant scenes are boring and not useful at all. It is understandable that you want to use all the footage that you filmed, but sometimes it is better to keep the videos as short as possible. The goal is not to lose the viewer’s interest.

Editing too much

Not only is it a mistake to keep long scenes and unimportant parts in the video, but also too much editing ruins the experience. Especially if you have a video editing software that has a lot of options like special effects and filters, sometimes we feel like we need to use them, but that’s not the case! Too much editing, too many filters and too many special effects make the video seem tacky and unprofessional. Imagine yourself watching the video, what would you think of it and what would you do better? In most cases, “less is more”, and therefore we highly recommend not editing too much. Cut the unimportant parts, choose good music, use a minimum number of filters and effects, and you are good to go!

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