How to Access Hidden Or Regional Themes in Windows 7

Updated October 6, 2023

Windows 7 offers a variety of themes to its users. Users can use the theme of his choice. Well the problem is that, every user doesn’t get access to all of the themes. A user is able to use the only themes related to his region and location which he sets while installing the Windows 7 OS. So what to do if one wants to use the other themes too? How to find those themes? Well the answer is simple. Read below.

1. Click on Start button and enter the Start menu.

2. In the search box in the Start Menu type, “C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT” and press Enter key or click on the MCT folder appearing in the results above the search button.

3. Once you open the MCT folder, you see many sub-folders within it. According to my location I see the following folders.


4. All of these folders contain various themes. For example I open “MCT-AU” folder. This folder will contain three sub-folders named Australia, RSSFeed, Theme. Australia folder contain various wallpapers and the theme folder contains the main theme. Similarly all other country folders will contain themes and wallpapers.

5. Here we have an option. We can use the full theme or individual wallpapers. To use the entire theme click on the theme name (Here AU) from the “Theme” folder.

access hidden themes

6. The individual images can be found in the Country Name (Here Australia) folder.

windows 7

7. To use individual images right click on the image you want to set as desktop background and click on the “Set as desktop background” option.

change theme windows 7 set as desktop background

Well that’s it! Work done. Now you’re able to use the hidden themes as well!


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