17 Photography Blogs You Should Follow

Updated October 6, 2023

With a tremendous number of options out there when it comes to photography blogs, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. Where to learn and from where to get some idea about photography.  If you’re interested in finding a few good photography blogs to follow, here are some options to get you started.

List of Photography Blogs

1. Amy Stein Photography

If you are searching for a great photography blog that is relevant and makes you think, Amy Stein offers up a blog that does just that. With photography that is eye-catching and intriguing, Amy offers plenty more than just pretty pictures. She even has clips from the Twilight Zone. My kinda gal! You’ll find yourself learning about more than just photography at amysteinphoto.

2. The Imaging Buffet

Not only does this site offer great tips and ways to better your imaging and photography techniques, but a newsletter and podcast as well. At theImagingBuffet, you can discover photography and imaging resources, order books, or learn how to register for workshops and webinars.

3. Photography Blog

Read reviews, bone up on your techniques, or just read about some of the latest and greatest digital photography out there. Not to be confused with Photography-blog, Photographyblog.com, run by Mark Goldstein, is a well-organized blog for photography news, reviews, and more.

4. The Mindful Eye

On tmelive.com you’ll find a community of photographers and those interested in photography brought together to share and exchange knowledge. Check out the site’s “Features” page, read the “Daily Critique”, listen to a podcast, or check out founder, Craig Tanner’s photography blog.

5. Lighten Up And Shoot

The name is great but the site is better. With a nice mixture of photography information and humor, follow the self-professed “two gringo photographers” who decided to move to Columbia, South America as they work their photographic magic.

6. The Online Photographer

From news and reviews to opinions and critiques, The Online Photographer is a well-rounded site for photography enthusiasts. At “TOP”, you’re in for a variety of topics and subjects to fit almost any photography background or interests.

7. Jasmine Star Photography

If you’re into wedding and engagement photography, this might be the blog for you. On this beautifully designed blog (one of the best I’ve seen), you can follow Ms. Star as she works the wedding and engagement scene.

8. Tree In Forest

An herbalist by training, Arwen O’Connor hosts a uniquely fun photo journal that explores a variety of subjects. Her recent “(Sour) Dough Day!” was a fun photo walk through of the bread making process. The shot of her finished sourdough loaf literally left my mouth watering!

9. Stuck In Customs

Take part in tutorials or a contest, watch videos, or just sit back and relax while host Trey Ratcliff takes you on a journey through his travel photography blog.

10. The Decisive Moment

Thedecisivemoment.co.uk hosts a variety of current and relevant issues to the photography world. This blog is a great spot for those who are interested in learning about the latest in photographic news and technology.

11. I Love Photoblogs

If you’re looking for a photography blog about photography blogs, then look no further! The site’s “photo blog review” tab can help keep you up to date on what’s hot in the land of photography blogs.

12. Endless Instant

Adrian Park, founder of Endless Instant, describes his photoblog as a “photographic sketch book”. He hopes that the thoughts and techniques he writes about regarding his images “might be useful to other photographers”.

13. Jezza’s Photography Stories

You can join Jezza at jezza323photo.blogspot.com where she guides you through a number of processes, equipment use, and technological aspects related to photography. Photographers may find that Jezza’s tips and descriptions of how she attains different looks and shots might be helpful in developing their techniques.

14. My Glass Eye

Hosted by Owen Billcliffe, this site is broken into a photoblog, news blog, and Owen’s personal portfolio. You may want to check out the ‘News’ section of this site where there are plenty of posts on techniques, photography, and related technology.

15. Strobist

Fittingly, strobist blog is focused on lighting as it relates to photography. This site might just brighten your day when it comes to tips and techniques as to how to discover or enhance the lighting for your photographs.

16. The Wonder Of Light

Pick from a number of photography tutorials or just enjoy the photoblog and galleries. There is plenty to be learned, discovered, and enjoy if you take a few moments to explore this site.

17. My Camera World

Join host Neils Henriksen at niels-henriksen blog as you pick up fun ideas for photography projects or just learn more about photography. This site also offers links to other Neils Henriksen websites as well as other photography websites and blogs.

About the Author: Tom writes about design and photography for a UK based specialist in Epson printer ink, toner and paper. You can read more of his work on their blog.


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