Top 5 Websites You Can Sell Your Photos To

Updated October 6, 2023


Sell Photos Website

Taking photos can be a great way to capture memories, but also a way that you can turn your hobby into a profitable pastime. If people that play slots online can earn rewards why shouldn’t you? Nowadays, pretty much everyone can has a smartphone with an amazing camera and every picture you take is a masterpiece. However there’s a huge barrier that separates the professional photographer from somebody who just snaps anything and fixes it on Photoshop. So how can you turn a free time activity into a fruitful hobby, how to sell your photos online?

Before you try to sell a photo you need to know what kind of photos sell the most. They can be divided into a few categories: Travel, Nature, Food, Cities, People and Tools. Photos of elderly people, young adults or kids as well as people working or giving presentations are popular with business companies. Photos of exotic fruits and food in general can be used in many food or wellness companies. Travel and nature photos are frequently used in blogs or by traveling agencies, as well as photos of cities. Tool photos have various applications. So now that you know what kind of photos to offer to your customers, here’s a list of online places where you can sell your photos:

  1. Shutterstock

This website is one of the most popular websites for buying stock photos, offering over 200 million photos, videos and music tracks to customers. You receive 20%-30% from your contributions and payments are done monthly. Furthermore, you aren’t bound by clauses to sell through the website.

  1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is the first online platform to sell photos online so the share you get might be higher than some other websites. If you contribute you receive 20%-60% of your contribution and like Shutterstock, they don’t require you to make them an exclusive seller.

  1. Etsy

On Etsy you can buy many handmade goods so photos are just another option. The website boasts a larger audience than most websites, which is made up of customers from different ages, so the possibility that someone will buy your photo is very high. Etsy also lets you design your photos and display them in whichever way you want.

  1. BlueMelon

BlueMelon is a website that gives you the option to post, share and sell your photos. You will do the marketing, since the site allows you to integrate your social media, website or blog to your profile and they handle the payments as well as the display. They also give credit to the owner of the photos which isn’t a feature of most websites. Plus, the royalties are much higher than any of the other websites on this list.

  1. Tour Photos

If traveling’s your thing and you are handy with a camera then you should try selling your photos on Tour Photos. Travel agencies and tour companies use this website as a platform to share photos of their trips, both for attendees and the general public.

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