How to Do a Proper Keyword Research

Updated October 6, 2023

Keyword research is a process where you make findings on a particular keyword that interests you. The main aim of keyword research is to understand what most people want and also how to give them that.

Before your website can be discerned, you are required to select a good keyword for it. The keyword must not be too competitive otherwise it will be hard for you to rank high in search engine results. The keyword should undergo a high number of searches monthly and even daily.

This plays an important role in the success of your website in search engine rankings. Some of the more important methods of keyword research are discussed below.

keyword research

Hot Trends

This method basically follows the task of getting hold of information on a few websites regarding what people require at specific points of time.

There are many websites from where you can get this information from. Examples are Google Trends, Yahoo Hot Trends etc. By simply Googling “Google Hot Trends” in Google’s search box you can see the link that leads to the hot trends website.

However, the Hot Trends method can be active only for a certain period of time. The most often searched things by people on the web are names of celebrities, movie names, shoe types and many more. You can confirm all this yourself by quickly researching on the same.

Product Research

This method involves carrying out research on some particular products in whose promotion you are interested. There are countless websites which possess this information about any product you want promoted. It is advised that you go for a less competitive product if you want success in your research work. This is will cut down on the high levels of hard work that will be needed otherwise. It will also enable you to rank adequately on search engines.

Cbengine, Clickbank and Commission Junction are just some of the many websites that contain information about the products you are interested in. The information they contain is very detailed in nature which will help you promote the product. Some of these details include numbers on the amount earned by you in making one sale, number of people already promoting the same product, whether the product is digital and therefore downloadable or a physical product that needs shipping etc. The choice of product is basically left to you for promotion.

Other Website’s Competitiveness

You must be aware of the competitiveness of other websites promoting the same category as you. This plays a very important role in deciding how far you go with successful promotion of that category. Some of these categories are highly competitive while some others are not so much.

The choice of a category varies with each person though if you are a newbie then it is better to go for less competitive categories to increase the chances of succeeding.

Intending to promote only the highly competitive category will probably result in waste of valuable time as the traffic you will generate will be nothing to talk about. Most of the large websites are the ones running away with the majority of the traffic.

Hope you have enjoyed the different possible strategies i had listed down here,also if you have something else thats working wonders for you,please let us all know in the comments section-coz after all, sharing is caring.

Author Bio:- Stuart is a freelancer writer,intrested in seo and technology.He also keeps a track of discounts coupons such as 123inkjets discount codes and 4inkjets promotion code and likes to spread the word about them on his blogs.


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