7 Most Expensive Books In The World

Updated October 6, 2023

You might have had heard that books are the best friends of humans because they give you all the information, guidance , intelligence and a lot. Reading is a very good habit. Whatever you read any novel, article, biographies etc, it will give you knowledge which is the original wealth but have any one of you ever thought that how much this great habit of yours can cost you? It seems kiddies if someone says that a book can cost that much high that you will have to think 100 times before buying it but indeed, it is, so here I am going to tell you about the 5 most expensive books of the world.

most expensive books

1. Codex Leicester Leonardo da Vinci ($49.4 million, 1994): The author of this book is Leonardo De Vinci from Italy. The book has 72 Pages and it is owned by Bill Gates. The book is about scientific musings by legendary inventor, artist known as Leonardo De Vinci.

2. The Codex Leicester: $30.8 millions: This book is also named as “Codex Hammer “this great book is a collection of scientific formulas and writings by the great Leonardo DaVinci. Firstly in 1980, an art collector, wealthy industrialist, and philanthropist Armand Hammer and he renamed it to “Codex Hammer”. In 1994, again it came in an auction and Bill gates bought it for $30.8 million and named it the Codex Leicester. It is the most expensive book ever sold.

3. Magna Carta (2007) 24.7 Million: This book was created in 1215 by John King of England. The purpose of the book was peace treaty. This book holds iconic place in legal history.

4. The Gospels of Henry the Lion: £8,140,000: Second in position of the most expensive book in the world is The Gospels of Henry the Lion sold in London on December 6th, 1983. This book is a manuscript and it is a known fact that the book contains 266 pages with the content of the 4 gospels out of which 50 are full-page descriptions. For security reasons, this book is kept in the Wolfenbuttel , Herzog August Bibliothek and is displayed only once in every two year.

5. The Canterbury Tales: £4,600,000: This is a huge collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer long time back in 14th century. This book was also sold in London on July 8h, 1998.

6. The Gutenberg Bible: $5,390,000: This book is one of the greatest treasure of Ransom Collection as this was the first book which ever printed by, Johan Fust and Johan Gutenberg in 1455. This book was sold in London on October 22nd, 1987.

7. The Northumberland Bestiary: £2,700,000: this book was written on the most important tradition from medieval England to emerge. This book was a record of manuscript in English. This book was also sold in London on November 29th 1990.

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    It is really amazing. But who will buy this kind of books?

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