10 Unique and Creative USB Flash Drives

Updated October 6, 2023

USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive is a portable storage device which is very popular these days. It is removable and rewritable device and currently the maximum size USB is 256GB. Every year new USB with large memory and unique designing are coming to the market. They are available in different size and shapes, but what i am going to share with you is some unique and creative usb flash drives. These USB are designed in different shapes like Car shaped, Spoon Shaped, Dog Shaped and Camera shaped etc. There even are some that look like a promotional credit card usb, or of characters from TV shows.

The perform the same function as a normal USB performs, but the differentiation is its Design and Shape. While searching on google, when i found they USB i though they are just PhotoShop made pictures. But they are real and available in market.

1. Canon USB Flash Drive

conon usb

2. Rocky USB Flash Drive

creative usb

3. F1 Flash Drives

f1 flash drive

4. Lego USB

5. Memory Pill USB

memory pill usb

6. Wrist USB Flash Drive

wrist band usb

7. Transforming USB

unique usb

8. Hacked USB

hacked usb

9. Nailed USB

nailed usb flash drive

10. Spoon USB Flash Drive

spoon usb

I personally like the last one that is “Spoon USB Flash Drive”. Its shape is really very unique and creative. No one can imagine that there should be a USB in such shape. If you will put any of the above USB in your computer and some one see it. He or She will become shocked, because of its unique design.

If you have any other USB Flash Drive which has very unique and special design. Don’t forget to share with our readers.


  • What is the cost of that hacked flash drive and do you deliver this in India also..

  • A. Tatum

    Those are pretty cool. I like the broken cord one.

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