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USB Show- Unhide and Recover Hidden USB Files in Minutes


Some time a virus can hide some of your important files in USB. In such cases “Folder Option” will not work to unhide such files. OR some time your friend can delete a file from your USB. If you are [...]

Create USB Image Using Free Image Creater Tool- ImagUSB


I have total 5 USB that i use for different purposes. In 4 USB i have stored by blogs important files and data, and 1 is for normal use. Like copying movies, songs, documents etc.. Some time i need to [...]

Windows 7 Full Backup OR Create Operating System Image on HD/USB

Window 8

Windows 7 is the best because it provides very useful features like system recovery, complete PC scan, automatic system repair, and system backup support. The backup features is really very useful, because in case your windows corrupt any file, then [...]

10 Unique and Creative USB Flash Drives


USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive is a portable storage device which is very popular these days. It is removable and rewritable device and currently the maximum size USB is 256GB. Every year new USB with large memory and unique [...]