Worldictionary – Translate Text in Any Language With Your iPhone’s Camera

Updated October 6, 2023

You might have come across various types of mobile dictionaries that give you only meanings of words. It’s time you explore a new app called ‘Worldictionary’, which can make your device more useful. Are you wondering what could be so special about this app? Yes, it has many new and interesting elements. Take a snap of a word in any language and in an instant the app translates it to any international language. The app is as simple as it sounds. Read on to know more about this unique translation tool.

What’s the app about?

Worldictionary is an iPhone app that can translate words or sentences of any language with a single snap of your iPhone’s camera. You need not type in any word. All the pictures that you take are stored in the app. This helps you find the translation of other words in the same snap, later.

Tap open the app and select the translation required from the language bar. For example, it could be from German to English, Spanish to Hindi, Dutch to Arabic etc. Then click on the large magnifier to take a snap of the word. You can use the indicator in the magnifier to locate the right position of the word. Worldictionary registers the word and translates the entire word or sentence in the selected language. The bookmark icon in the app helps you to bookmark any word of your choice for future reference. The history section contains a list of all your previous searches. The app also allows you to take a picture from the album to find its translation in any foreign language.

iphone translation appWorldictionary app for iphone

The most attractive attribute of Worldictionary is that it can recognize and translate words in more than 10 languages like Chinese, French, Finnish, Italian, Polish and more. The app has an option to send a word along with its translation through email or texts. In addition to this, Worldictionary helps you to find the meaning of the word through Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. I felt that the app has some data recognition issues at times, which could be rectified to benefit more users. Apart from this, Worldictionary is a wonderful tool for translation.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post written by Ngu Nguyen and writes for Worlddictionary. Worldictionary app costs $3.99 and requires an iOS version of 4.2 or later.

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