Why Aren’t You Using Squidoo To Promote Your Blog?

Updated October 6, 2023

In today’s time and age, Internet enables bloggers who have a message to convey, something to share, sell, market etc, to reach browsers all over the world. Innumerable websites provide free blog hosting services and enable the users to start and operate a blog with ease.

squidoo blog promotion

While drafting and posting a blog post is relatively simple, getting people to read it is usually the most difficult part. With innumerable blogs being active online, making your own blog stand out in the crowd can turn out to be an improbable affair. Even if you are a frequent blogger and make it a point to update your blog daily, you will still need some great strategies to market your blog and make it reach its full potential.

Unless you are educated in marketing or are working as a professional in that stream, you would not know much about starting such a campaign for your blog. This is where Squidoo comes to the picture.

Here are a few points where Squidoo can really help you Promote your Blog;

1. Registering on Squidoo is completely free for all users and at no point of time will you be asked about any payment information. Hence, you can use such a platform to increase the readership of your blog and eventually monetize it.

2. Even if the concept of the Internet and Social Networking is new to you, Squidoo will offer invaluable guidance and will assist you through everything under the sun, in terms of what the website offers, in simple language. Unlike many other websites which request you to join their website, or avail particular offers, and then provide no help regarding the meaning of the various blogging and marketing terms, Squidoo values its users and wants to assist them in availing all the benefits possible from their memberships.

3. Squidoo offers complete flexibility, in terms of selecting various options on how to use the various services. Depending on your liking, you may choose Squidoo as your free blog site and then post all your content over there, or you may form lenses to market your blogs or websites that belong to other hosts. This website enables you to make a choice between exclusive publishing with Squidoo or simple usage for marketing purposes.

4. Since the past few years, Squidoo has grown to become one of the leaders in Google’s search visibility. Lenses that are published on this website regularly constitute the top bracket of the search engine results, meaning millions of people can see your posts.

5. Additionally, Squidoo also offers connections to various social networks and social media. This means the tools that are provided on this website enable the user to get connected to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc.

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