What Are Blogger Outreach Tools, And How To Select Them?

Updated October 6, 2023

Blogger outreach is also known as influencer marketing. It is perhaps the most efficient, cheapest, and output-oriented way to increase your brand’s presence. All you must do is find a good influencer or blogger who will be willing to promote your service or product in return for monetary awards or free samples. However, having to search for an influencer by sorting out a list is time-consuming and even expensive. Outreach tools help to ease the entire process by organizing your outreach campaign and building a list of prospective influencers.

What are blogger outreach tools?

As is evident by the name itself, a blogger outreach tool is a platform that assists you with research and overall management of your outreach strategy. Those may include searching for the best bloggers, sending emails, and tracking success. These tools can also help you with online networking. But what if you decided to search for influencers manually and then send them emails? You could do so, but that would work only within a limited scale. Even then, you cannot be assured of the success rate. However, if you have to send thousands of emails, then outreach software is indispensable.

How to select the best tools for an outreach strategy?

Keep your requirements in mind

The first factor you must consider while selecting the best outreach tool is your requirements. Each device has a different function and comes with a different set of features. Some may allow you to accumulate leads, use email templates and collect email addresses. Others may come with a wide variety of SEO features and link-building options.

Learn about the features and functions of the tool

It is always advisable to go with an outreach tool or set of tools with a wide variety of features. The obvious ones are finding influencers, monitoring, and content researching. You could look out for other features like finding leads, verifying emails, expanding contacts, enhanced targeting, notes and tags, outreach personalization, workflow, prospecting, outreaching, and follow-up. Before selecting a particular tool, ensure that it is user-friendly, easy to install, has a simple navigation process, and has regular updates. Check the features carefully before settling on one.

Make a comparison of the prices

The pricing part is another factor that deserves your attention. Each tool would be priced differently. But whatever you do, avoid selecting a tool just for its price. You will also come across “free tools,” but they come with a limited set of features. Compare the prices of different tools with the features offered by them. Most devices will have paid plans, although they may differ in number and start at a particular amount per month. Check if a specific one suits your purpose, and then go for one specific tool.

Check the ratings and reviews

Checking the ratings and reviews is one of the most obvious ways of deciding whether a specific outreach tool is effective or not. Several reliable websites contain reviews of these tools. You should pay attention to the numbers of stars received, pros and cons, how the product helped the reviewer, and if they would recommend it. The date on which the review has been mentioned is also essential. It is an indication of the continued popularity of the product. Another thing you can check while reading reviews is if the reviewer is verified and validated by the website. A green tick mark will usually indicate that.

Trial and error method

Sometimes, even after doing a lot of studies, observation, cross-checking, and analysis, you might come across a tool that does not deliver the desired results. The best way is to experiment with it for a while and see if it is suitable. You might find a tool uncomfortable at first and think that it’s inefficient. However, with time, as you get used to its features, it might be the very thing you need in the long run.

Do some research

You will have to do some research by yourself to find out the best outreach tools for your business. An effective way of doing that is to see what your competitors in the same industry use and why. If it is possible, you can talk to them and seek their opinion regarding a particular tool.

The information mentioned above will help you out immensely while searching for the best outreach tools. It is vital to select the right tools after doing the proper research to ensure you receive the best results for your business or brand.

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