How to Add ShoutBox in Blogger?

Updated October 6, 2023

add shoutbox to your blogIn my previous post I wrote about adding GTalk in blogger. Now let me share the procedure for adding a ShoutBox in your blogger blog, so that visitors can leave message on your blog. You can also allow your readers to chat with each other through the ShoutBox inside your blog.

Your blog is not just for reading lengthy articles, but it is a network where people meet and share there knowledge with each other. Always provide your readers with different tools so that they can engage with each other.

Blogger is a free blogging platform but still it has lots of features which can entertain bloggers and visitors. However blogger is not as much advance as wordpress, but we can say that blogger is a perfect blog for beginners. Which provides a free channel for bloggers to earn money from internet without investing a single penny.

How to Add Shout Box in Blogger?

There are lots of websites offering free shout boxes, but here I would like to recommend

Visit and Register a free account. Login to your account, click on Style and then Appearance

Click on Pull Down Menu located with Load From Preset

Select a Shoutbox and Click on Save Button (Note:- The process may be different due to changes in the shoutmix designing)

Copy the whole HTML code and Paste it in Notepade.

Now Login to your Blogger Dash Board and go to Page Element from Layout.

Select HTML and Paste the code there and Click on Save button. Now a cool Shout box will be added to your blog, and every one can leave a message in your blog.

Update:- ShoutMix is no more proving the the chat box for free. You need to pay for the chat box on monthly basis now. You can try It is free!


  • nikostereo

    I just want to say that shoutmix shoutbox(freee edition) can support only 60 messages per hour and this is a problem to my site…

  • @sasikrishna You are well come.

  • sasikrishna

    great and useful post for the blogger like me. Thank you.

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