5 Best Digital Writing Tools for Students

Updated October 6, 2023

In the olden days, the most dreaded subject to take was Mathematics because students used to find it really difficult to manage and hard to pass. But in the modern structure of education, it seems that all of the subjects are becoming tougher and more demanding year by year. The reason for such changes being tons of school’s requirements which the students must satisfy, including massive amounts of homework. Writing assignments such as essays, book reports, research papers, and other academic papers haunt undergraduates unceasingly.

At the moment, academic writing beats mathematics in terms of difficulty. Most professors demand exceptional work without giving clear guidelines on how to do it properly, which is a huge bummer for most students. But then again, don’t panic. If you know how to use the latest online tools, you can improve your skills independently. Ask around the campus for the best custom essay writing service other students recommend. With a tool like that, you can enhance your skills and even turn into a proficient writer yourself. Meanwhile, use one of the instruments below to improve your writing skills.

1:- MindMup

MindMup is a free cloud-based tool that will help you to make up your mind. This is a mind-mapping app that helps to organize related concepts in one clear picture. This is a great brainstorming aid and a place to keep your ideas before starting your essay. If you have online meetings with a study group, you can use it as a substitute for a whiteboard. Images and other types of files can also be attached, which makes MindMup a great tool to outline various writing projects and keep track of original resources.

Writing Tools for Students

2:- Toggl

This tool is beneficial for many students that want to have arranged and systematic days in school. It will monitor all the tasks that need to be accomplished. Plus, it has a time-tracking feature for you to know how much time each particular task takes. Toggl is ideal for studying and tackling college stuff like essays, academic projects, and reports. With this tool, you can spend your time more effectively by monitoring how much you have used in studying what. You will also be able to track the number of assignments you have finished for the week. In short, it will tell you if you are being productive or not.

3:- BibMe

Referencing is probably the most difficult part of writing a big project. A lot of citations and rules in formatting should be mastered and applied in completing your long essays or reports. Normally, professors ask their students to follow the APA style in writing but some may demand another formatting approach such as the Chicago citation style and MLA.

If you want to make the appropriate bibliographies, BibMe is the right tool for you. Just put in the name of the author and the title of your material and the tool will automatically lay out the citation according to the specified style, generating an entire bibliography in one click.

4:- StayFocusd

One of the most annoying things when making research on the internet is the push notifications that keep on showing from social media sites. We all know that the internet is essential for our work. But, admit it or not, we tend to open various entertaining sites and social media without noticing how much time we waste there. It is easy to become less productive and even fail the deadline for something that we should have been doing in the first place.

StayFocusd will prevent you from wasting time on Facebook and Youtube. Now you can shut off all the distractions and focus on your important academic assignments.

5:- Cliche Finder

Professors are always delighted to read a truly original work by their students. They’ve read all those recycled ideas before and they are dying to see something genuine and refreshing. One thing to enhance your writing and have a fresh original text is to refrain from using clichés. Yet when you are a newbie, it can be difficult to spot a well-thumbed expression in your essay. Cliché Finder is a tool that will detect the phrases which make your text imitative and week and prompt you to remove or revise them.

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