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Updated May 24, 2024

Looking for powerful diagramming tools for a long time? But haven’t been able to find anything reliable enough for your brand promotion. In that case, wondershare Edrawmax could be the platform you might have been looking for.

With 280+ diagrams to choose from and hundreds of customizations, edrawmax sticks to its brand slogan of promoting simple, smart and stunning diagrams for every idea the user comes up with. When it comes to usage, Edrawmax can be used in multiple platforms or devices like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.

However, you cannot sync the website across multiple devices as it doesn’t provide those facilities. When choosing to open EdrawMax, you will come across a dynamic window where multiple options like New, Open, Import, and Templates are displayed.

Nevertheless, to learn more about EdrawMax software feature, you would have to go through this article, where we have tried to mention all the reasons behind using Wondershare EdrawMax.

Wondershare EdrawMax

Learn about the features of EdrawMax AI

When it comes to using EdrawMax AI, you need to learn about the features it offers to users. Here is a list comprising all the features that Edrawmax AI offers to its users across the platform.

  • Extensive collection of diagramming tools

One of the most talked features that can be assessed through Edrawmax would be the extensive collection of diagramming tools that comprise flowcharts, mind maps, organization charts, network diagrams and many more.

You can use that category of diagramming tools in any field, such as business, engineering, education, design, management, and others.

  • Variety of templates and symbols

Businesses that are looking for an extensive range of templates and symbols that suit the message of their projects. For them, EdrawAI might be the place to look for ideas as it is said to be catering to almost thousands of symbols with diagram creations.

  • Easy-to-use interface

To help beginners find their way across these platforms, Edrawmax decided to build its interface in a user-friendly fashion. With drag-and-drop functionality and a customizable workplace, you can find any feature that ideally suits your project.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

Multiple websites that offer diagramming tools to their users might not be compatible across different devices. However, Edrawmax excels in that functionality as it is available for Android, Mac, IOS, and Windows without you having to switch platforms to use its features. It even comes with cloud-based integration that allows users to access its features from multiple devices.

  • Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration means users can work on multiple projects simultaneously without having to change tabs continuously. It also comes with an easy sharing option for converting your documents into multiple formats like PDF, PPT, WORD, HTML and more.

All In One Diagram Tool

How does Edrawmax improve daily work efficiency?

People come across multiple challenges when trying to increase their daily efficiency. It often becomes an impossible task without the help of an equally reliable website like Edrawmax. Here are a few facilities that Edrawmax provides to its users for changing their way of functionality.

  • Resource management

Resources can be either tangible or non-tangible, including people, time, equipment, materials, and finances. To help you sort out those resources in the correct way, Edrawmax provides its renowned feature called visual charts, which helps in keeping track of everything from start to finish.

Moreover, you can also utilize digital charts that are comparatively easier to manage and update with time. Multiple project managers have been found to state that Edrawmax has made their resource management process easier.

Edrawmax has allowed people to work their information in a virtual workspace that helps them access that information on the go, anywhere and anytime.

  • Reporting and progress reminder

Remember, if you are trying to manage a business to the best of your abilities, having software that can keep your project progress updates would be crucial. Moreover, Edrawmax uses cloud storage, which makes it even more reliable as the information can be accessed from any device.

This project reminder feature comes with a Gantt chart that allows every team member to remember project expectations, scores and deadlines comprehensively.

  • Wasting no time with templates

Templates are considered to be the best feature of Edrawmax that can be customized according to your team’s requirement. Meanwhile, you can draw inspiration from any template present within the library for getting some idea on how to use them.

Some of the samples that you can come across when entering those template libraries in Edrawmax are Gantt Chart, PERT charts, timelines, floor plans and many more.


Wondershare Edrawmax continues to draw inspiration from client reviews and user’s opinions. It has turned into an excellent choice or, rather, a complete package that offers diagrams and extensive features which might not be available in other similar websites.

It helps improve time efficiency, forecast business demand, track project progress, and perform many other activities. Therefore, if you are interested in trying out its features for your business, going to its website might help you find some much-needed solutions.

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