Why Ubersuggest is the Best SEO Tool for Bloggers

Updated October 6, 2023

For site owners and bloggers, content creation is key to generating site traffic and ranking in Google. However, content alone will only get you so far. This is something new bloggers usually discover down the road and oftentimes after they’ve nearly burnt themselves out by creating and pushing out as much content as possible.

From personal experience, I can tell you that successful blogging entails a lot more than just content creation. You need to know the basics of SEO, how to come up with great content ideas and also keeping an eye on your competition to see what’s working and how to replicate or improve upon it.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools out there to help with such methods. For example, every site owner should already be set up with a Google Search Console to manage their site and keep it in good terms with Google… but even with that, you are still lacking in most keyword and SEO data to make a difference.

What you need is a reliable SEO tool and platform that allows you to track the performance of your site rankings, while also giving you new ideas and data for growth and competitor research.

What I’ve personally been using is Ubersuggest, and today I’m going to break down why it’s one of my favorite tools on the internet today.


Ubersuggest Review: What is it and who made it?

Ubersuggest is an all-in-one SEO and keyword research platform that was created by Neil Patel. For those of you who don’t know, Neil Patel is one of the top internet marketers and bloggers in the world today. In short, he wanted to create a tool that made it easy and affordable for bloggers and brands without a big budget to access the same type of data accessible through other premium platforms like Ahrefs, SEMRush and Moz.

It took some time to pull everything together, but Ubersuggest is now fully operational and quickly gaining speed.

As a previous user of each of the SEO platforms just mentioned, Ubersuggest quickly won me over not just because of the same features and stats, but also because of the pricing. In short, I was able to try the site for free and didn’t need to add a CC. I will cover this more later on, but first I think we should jump into the main features of Ubersuggest and how it can help bloggers and webmasters of all sizes.

Ubersuggest Features

As expected, Ubersuggest offers many of the same tools that you would find on other premier SEO tools and platforms. These consist of keyword research, content ideas, competitor analysis, keyword difficulty rankings, site audits, projects and more.

Of the ones listed, my three favorites are below.

Keyword Research

The most obvious and easy tool to get started with, is the Keyword Research feature. Right when you visit Ubersuggest you will see a search form at the top of the page. In this area you can submit a keyword, search phrase or a site URL. Ubersuggest will then provide you with a ton of details and information on each.

You can see an example of this below for the keyword “write for us”, which is also a great way to find blogs that you can contribute content to. Right away, Ubersuggest provides you with search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and Cost Per Click averages. Were you to scroll down on the report, you would also see related keywords, content ideas and more.

Ubersugget by Neil

Content Ideas

As a blogger, we all know the importance of creating content. It’s not just about coming up with new content ideas and spending time to write it, it’s also about making sure we have the best value possible.

Through the use of the Content Ideas tool on Ubersuggest, I can plug in my own site article URLs or those of my competitors and then come up with new topic ideas and also see relevant keywords and traffic for each.

To see an example of this in motion, take a look at the screenshot below after I entered the search phrase “how to rank in google”.

This report provides you with an assortment of related content ideas based on the initial keyword, along with estimated visits, backlinks and social shares.

Content Ideas UberSuggest

Competitor Analysis

My other favorite tool on the site is the competitor analysis tool. This one is great because it not only allows me to keep an eye on the competition, but also gives me new and exciting ideas on how to create content that I can see is already working.

For example, if I had a viral content site that was focused on entertainment, humor and funny videos, I might want to run a comparison search on a site like viralnove.com.

After submitting a site URL, you will see results similar to the screenshot below. This provides a quick glance at the site with organic keywords, monthly traffic, domain score and backlinks. When scrolling down you will also see graph charts on keyword and traffic as well.

Domain Overview

Scrolling down more and you will see a nice chart on the amount of SEO keywords ranking for the site, followed by a list of the Top Pages by Country. This is where the real meat of the data comes into play, as you can click on all of the listed keywords and articles to get even more data.

SEO Keywords Ranking

In short, all of these tools are super valuable for bloggers and content creators of all sizes. When you start playing around with the Ubersuggest platform and get familiar with all of the settings and reporting in place, then it really allows for quite a powerful marketing and analysis tool.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Earlier I mentioned that Ubersuggest was immediately one of my favorite SEO tools simply because it was more affordable than other competing tools. When you first visit the site it’s free to use, but then you are limited by how many searches you can make per day. After you hit that limit, you can then sign up for a free account to log back in and check stats daily.

However, to get the most out of the site, it’s best to sign up for one of their monthly subscriptions which cost just $29 a month and offers unlimited access to all of the tools and features on the site. Depending on how many sites you manage, you may need to upgrade to a larger plan.

Ubersuggest Plans

Paid members also gain access to the online courses and video training offered by Ubersuggest, while also benefiting from Q&A calls and worksheets to track your SEO and keyword performance.

Why I Think Ubersuggest is the Best SEO Tool Out There

For bloggers and content creators, your work is never done. Gone are the days when you can install WordPress, push out content and then start ranking for several keywords in Google and seeing a flow of traffic to your site.

Now, it’s all about putting in the necessary time, work and effort in the content research process before you even start writing. Then, after your content is created, you need to make sure you are effectively marketing it and building backlinks over time.

All of this sounds overwhelming, but it’s now a requirement for successful blogging and marketing on the internet today. The good news is that Ubersuggest makes this process a whole lot easier and more affordable over the alternatives.

I highly recommend you take a moment to check out what Ubersuggest has to offer, and run a few free reports of your own. If you like what you see, sign up for a free account or even become a paying member to access all of their features. I know you will like it!

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