Uber + GrandPad Provides Easier Transportation for Seniors

Updated October 6, 2023

Update: The GrandPad App is not longer available. It has been removed in June, 2021.

In order to retain their independence, seniors need reliable transportation to get them around town. Due to a move made by grandPad, the company that manufactures tablets for senior citizens, reliable transportation has recently become more of a reality. GrandPad’s tablets now come with pre-installed apps that connect riders withthe transport company Uber. These apps allow individuals to request rides, be picked up within minutes, and be driven to where they need to go.

User-Friendly App

Uber is an affordable, safe, and simple-to-use transportation option. While the younger crowd may know how to install apps, use technology, and connect through their devices intuitively, it can be more challenging for seniors. Thanks to the technology gurus at grandPad, the learning curve has been minimized. To enable mobility and connectedness among retirees and elders, grandPad adapted their app to make it senior-friendly. Some adaptations include:

  • Locations can be pre-set for simpler pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Font sizes are larger, so easier to read.
  • Data packages allow requesters to contact drivers without first connecting to the Internet.
  • Seniors’ caregivers can have companion apps, so they can handle payments, set the locations, and monitor rides when necessary.

Uber and Grandpad Patnership

Mobility Linked to Wellbeing

Transportation is a crucial link between home and the community. Being able to get out of the house and around town to fulfill basic needs is a crucial component inelders’ wellbeing. Those who don’t drive are at a big risk for isolation. Without options such as the Uber app, many senior citizens would have to stay home and miss opportunities to socialize, attend events, and get to appointments.

Vehicles to Transport Those Who Need Assistance

In addition to the basic transportation options, Uber also has vehicles that can transport individuals who rely on wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. This app is called UberAssist and adds another layer of mobility for individuals who need a bit more help getting around.

GrandPad has already made a positive impact on communities with their tablets by connecting seniors to technology, but this recent development goes even further to improve lives. By pre-installing the transportation app on tablets, grandPad has helped scores of older people stay mobile who might have otherwise been stranded at home.

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