Top 5 Unique Mobile Phones

Updated October 6, 2023

The markets are full of hundreds of the cell phones all over the world, which are unique in style and elegance and their approach to the costumer’s needs and requirements. Some are delicate with the sophistication and some are really task oriented. These phones are of great variety and usage as the masses are in some sort of phobia to have some mobile in their hand to deal with and use as a daily routine. The business all over the world is expanding due to the use of mobile and all people have different requirements of their businesses and so they need different sets of mobile all over the world to deal with. Following are the 5 different handsets which have grabbed the world like a storm and are really famous for their features all over the world.

Nokia 1100

nokia 1100

This is a very simple and easy to use mobile set, designed and manufactured by the users who are less informing with the mobile technologies all over the world. This mobile is very famous in the people of working class who cannot afford to by Apple or some hefty priced mobile. And the usage of their mobile is just limited to calling and receiving the calls along with messaging. It is very famous among the women of households.

Motorola i860 Camera and Video cell Phone

motorola i860

It has following features which really make it unique and famous all over the world. It is picture caller ID which is very enhancing idea in these sets and lacking in others with same generation. Have very large external colored display that is 3 lines of text with the pictures.  Have multi-colored display of 11 lines of text easily. Have PTT button which help the user very easily and comfortably for all users. It also comprise of push to send feature which you can use to send some contacts easily to the person you wish to. It has media download applications which is very unique feature of its own kind.

Nokia 6230

nokia 6230

It is a tri band phone which offers the multiple connectivity features like via Bluetooth, Infra red and cable packets. It is very good looking and smart phone with big LCD so that all the features and graphics are visible clearly to the users. It support up to 2 GB memory card which really help the user to move on with the ease of having space and luxury to get into some real good options.

 Nokia C5

Nokia C5

It is a simian set used now a day very often. It is an elegant set which have the options of having some heavy software to use for the most of business class all over the world. Have great response in remote areas and it is becoming a household for its great features.

Blackberry Bolt

blackberry bolt

This is a very good addition to the world of mobiles as it has great ability to interact the chat programs and allow the users to talk to the people concern all over the world without much problem.

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  • Ritesh @ TechSpacia

    Nokia 1100! Hehehe.
    This was my first mobile phone, finally to be stolen in a crowded bus.

  • That Nokia 1100 is memorable 🙂

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