Funny Thing About Internet Explorer

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you know Internet Explorer is the world most usable web browser and Mozilla FireFox is the second most poplar and usable Web browser. This is a fact and it is a funny thing about internet explorer that people are using internet explorer because they want to download Mozilla FireFox. You can see in the below image that why people are using Internet Explorer (IE)

Now ask from your self that why you are using Internet Explorer. For reason No.1 , No2, No3 Or No.4. This surveys indicates that Internet Explorer has no future. Then why microsoft is not going to install Mozilla FireFox in all there windows. If they don’t want to use others products then why they are not going to improve Internet Explorer.

What do you think about Internet Explorer and FireFox.


  • I only use IE for work. For everything else I use Chrome.

  • hasintha

    I never use IE lol! Itz damn slow 😀

  • really very funny.i do the same thing….lol

  • lol,, very well said.. I will go with No: 4 and it is true. Internet Explorer is sinking down day by day and seems Microsoft is not at all bothered about it. 😀 What do u say?

  • Same here…I use Internet Explorer to download Firefox =)

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