Top 10 Android Apps for College Students in 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

A survey conducted in March 2012 showed that 67% of the 18-to-24-year-old participants were using smartphones, and that’s an 18% increase from the year before. The growth in mobile technology opened the market of more and more different apps created to ease people’s life and capitalize on the demand. This technology can help college students organize their study time, keep track of their exams, learn faster and easier and even take better care of their limited student budget. They’ll still have to study to conceptualize the material so it will be long term and lasting, – there are no shortcuts – but if they want to ease the stress of their college lives here are few Android apps that can help them with the difficult tasks:

1# Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android App

For some students getting up on time for the early classes may be the hardest part of their college life. The quality of the sleep greatly affects our productivity during the day – waking up early while still in deep sleep with the regular alarm clocks can ruin our mood and make us feel tired. The Sleep as Android app takes care of your sleep cycle by tracking your sleep during the night and waking you up at the most optimal moment in the given time range, during the light sleep phase. This way you’ll always wake up feeling well rested and ready for the classes. This app has available 2 week free trial, and afterwards you’ll have to pay €1.69 or $2.49.

2# Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

Your college grades cannot be jeopardized by some silly grammar or punctuation errors you made while writing your essay papers. It’s not that the English language is very hard, but sometimes you can get confused on whether that or which is more appropriate, or is it may or might would sound better. The Oxford Grammar and Punctuation is a great free Android app that can help you with your writing assignments providing basic information arranged from A to Z, and it also features over 250 common questions and clearly explained answers on this subject.

3# App is the best Android dictionary app that every college student should have on the smart phone. With this free app you no longer have to search the web or use an actual dictionary to find the meaning of the new words you encounter with throughout your college years. The app features content from and which means you can also cite and reference the provided definitions.

4# StudyBlue

StudyBlue Android App

When preparing for exams, college students can use text and pictures to create flashcards which will help them better memorize their key terms and study more efficiently and effectively. They can set reminders to maintain their schedule ahead of a big test and get test score feedback to focus on the material they still haven’t mastered. With this app on your phone you can review your notes wherever and whenever you have some free time – over breakfast, in the student coffee shop, or at night before getting in bed. StudyBlue already has millions of flashcards created by other users that you can use for free.

5# Evernote

Evernote Android App

Evernote is not only the best app for college students, but it was also on the list of New York Times’ Top 10 Must-have Apps. With this free app you can write and save your ideas, make notes, create to-do lists, capture photos and even record voice reminders – you’ll never forget or lose anything again. What’s even greater, you can access your notes from any computer, smart phone and mobile device you use.

6# handyCalc Calculator

handyCalc Calculator Android App

handyCalc Calculator is a great free app that any college student will find very useful. It features everything a regular scientific calculator has, but with automatic suggestions which makes the problem solving a lot faster, and is also really easy to use and learn with. Also included is a handyCurrency convertor that you can use if traveling abroad.

7# School Helper

School Helper Android App

The life of college students can really be difficult, and the School Helper free app can make it much easier helping them manage their school schedules, tracking their grades and homework assignments, as well as their performance throughout the semesters. They can also write down little notes on a certain topic or add main screen widgets to remind them of the important tasks they cannot miss.

8# Trello

Trello Android App

Group projects are pretty often in college and Trello is a great free Android app that students can use to better manage the assignments and organize the responsibilities between each member working on their projects; it helps them track everyone’s work, who finishes what and when, measure the progress to their deadlines, and even collaborate and change their work in real time.

9# Amazon Student

Amazon Student Android App

The Amazon Student is a free app designed to help college students find and buy the textbooks they need for classes and sell them after finishing the semester. They can perform instant price checks and get free two-day shipping for everything they order. When selling you won’t get your money back, but you’ll get an Gift Card that you can then use on buying other textbooks, school supplies, or anything else you might need.

10# Mint. com Personal Finance

Mint. com Personal Finance App

Living on a student budget sure isn’t easy and the money is often tight. Personal Finance is a free Android app, one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2012, that can help students manage their finances, track their spending and save money, and they can access their accounts not only from their smartphone, but also from their personal computer, laptop, tablet. The credit cards and bank accounts are connected, but if you lose some of your devices you can deactivate the access by simply logging on your account.

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  • Rashmi Sinha @ Samsung galaxy s6310

    AMAZING POST!!! We all know how we college students are. Bunch of rebels, the odd one’s in the society and adrenaline crazy. Finally a gift to keep a tab on our studies for us and enabling us to worry less about how to study.

    Thank you for sharing this helping hand.

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