Top 6 Mobile Apps For Couples

Updated October 6, 2023

Nowadays mobile phones are much more than just call and text, it’s a life organizer. With thousands of amazing apps available for smart phones you can do things that you couldn’t even fathom a few years ago. There are some really amazing mobile phone apps that can influence your personal life positively and bring your private communication to the new level. Such must-haves for people in relationships are available for iPhone, Windows phone and Android. Listed below are some amazing apps for couples:

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1# Couple (formerly Pair)

Couple (formerly Pair)

If you are really attached with your significant other then Pair aka Couple is an ideal mobile app for you. With this amazing app you can privately send videos, photos, drawings to your partner. Moreover, you can stalk your partner by knowing their location at all times through state of the art GPS that comes with the app. This app connects your phone with your partner’s phone like never before.


2# Avocado


Avocado is the most popular and top rated mobile phone application for couples. You can share the information like date reminders, photos, videos, music and to-do-lists in private messages. You can also send virtual kisses and hugs in the private message. The app appears as a timeline which can only be seen by the couple.

3# Cupple

 Cupple App

This app is similar to Avocado where you can exchange information in a private message and it also has the virtual expressions of love like hugs, kisses and cuddles. It got really positive reviews from users.

4# Simply Us

Simply Us

Simply Us is an amazing app for couples where their phones are linked in the shortest way where couples can share information about reminders of dates, vacations and other events concerning to the couple, schedules, to-do lists. It also connects the calendars of both partners so they don’t miss out an important day.

5# SnapChat


Snap Chat allows you to send messages, videos and images to your partner via a private text message and the information gets deleted after it is viewed by your significant other. The app is ideal if you have a discreet relationship. Snap Chat is not a couple’s only mobile app but nowadays it is known as one of the best couple apps.

6# Feel Me

Feel Me App

It’s an amazing app which lets you have a direct connection with your partner when you are using your smart phone. The phone vibrates when you and your partner touch their respective phones at the same spot at the same time which gives the couple a feeling of touch.

These are some really amazing apps that connect the couples like never before and help them bond together. These apps will help you in exchanging information with your partner, sending them virtual expressions of love and also to keep an eye on your partner’s whereabouts and activities. Some of these apps are free while others are available for a nominal price. So, download some of the apps mentioned above and get closer with your significant other in no time.

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