Top 8 Magento Extensions for Your E-Commerce Store To Make it More Profitable

Updated October 6, 2023

Magento is an incredible eCommerce platform, which is great for making an online store.  Additionally, there are tons of excellent extensions for Magento to facilitate you in making your magento store more profitable.

Magento was developed with the sole intention for providing online store owners an absolute control over their online stores. Magento provides excellent modification and incorporation features and also enables online store merchants to create websites in accordance with their exclusive business necessities.

Here are some extensions that will assist your magento store to add fundamental functionality to your online business. If setting up your own shopping cart is a little overwhelming, there are plenty of ecommerce solutions and website across the internet.

1. Invoicera Magento Extension

Invoicera Magento Extension

This Magento extension will save most of the time of Magento store owners who don’t have any other option other than to send invoices to their customers manually for each order placed. Whenever any order will be placed in your magento store, professional invoices will be created within Invoicera account and will be sent to your customers in real time. Invoicera magento extension will definitely make the invoicing process of magento store owners much simpler and faster.

Price: FREE

2. Minimum Advertised Price

Minimum Advertised Price

If you trade your products that are confined by a producer’s minimum advertised price guidelines, then this extension is definitely for you. As forever, rules are intended to be broken. This magento extension can be utilized in your business for working around these policies without ruining your relationships with your merchants.

Price: $149.00

3. Facebook Connect Social Shopping

Facebook Connect Social Shopping

Unite with your Facebook friends without exiting your online store with the help of this great extension. Your site’s visitors can also recommend products to their friends or can ask for guidance about any particular item on your online store.

Price: FREE

4. Google Maps Store Locator

Google Maps Store Locator

It is simply great for all eCommerce websites with numerous element and mortar locations. It is very simple to set up, you need to just enter all store localities, Google Maps latitude and longitude coordinates and you will get the results immediately.

Price: FREE

5. Drop Shipping Management

Drop Shipping Management


If you do plenty of drop shipping, you will certainly require assistance for handling your orders. Magento is an excellent ecommerce platform; however there is no option for Drop Ship management. This extension is nice-looking and strong with a price tag to go with.

Price: $500.00

6. Layered Navigation Pro

Layered Navigation Pro

This enables you to modify the appearance and functionality of the layered navigation/search filters on your online store. You can utilize several check boxes, sliders, images and so on. This extension uses AJAX to load the new search results instantly and you can also change your selection.

Price: $99.00

7. QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

This is essential for continued existence in the market. Bookkeeping is a solution to the accomplishment of your business. Quickbooks magento extension will coordinate your orders with QuickBooks easily. Absolutely worth the price.

Price: $250.00

8. Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand

This extension generates landing pages for each of your products, which comprise information such as Product Name, Company Logo, Product explanation and much more. Those landing pages will have an SEO link like this

Price: $29.99


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