Why Is Audience Segmentation So Important?

Updated October 6, 2023

Marketing Strategies

A marketing campaign is nothing without its audience. In order to achieve any kind of success with sales and brand recognition, brands need to learn about who they’re currently reaching and who’s getting left behind. This is where an important process called audience segmentation comes in.

What Is Audience Segmentation?

Audience segmentation is a common digital marketing tactic. It’s the process of dividing up a brand’s audience into subcategories. Here are some common subcategories that you can determine:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Employment

With the help of this information, marketers can base their future advertising plans based on their findings. So, if they realize that women in their 50s and 60s are responding the most to their brand, they may create new campaigns that cater directly to that demographic. Or, if they want their brand to draw in a completely different group, audience segmentation lets them know that they have to drastically modify their marketing strategy.

How Do You Get Audience Segmentation?

You can view the audience segmentation of your online campaigns with the help of a digital marketing analysis, insights and reporting platform like Morphio. It will notify you of the demographics contributing to your web traffic, along with their conversion rates.

The lightweight enterprise software also has plenty of other features that can boost your campaign efforts. You can use their KPI dashboard to define all key client marketing objectives and to analyze the best courses of action to reach those ambitious goals. Or you can use the anomaly detection feature to get alerts when both positive or negative data spikes are found in the reports. It’s the ultimate tool for any marketing team.

Is Audience Segmentation Enough?

It’s important to determine what audience your brand is reaching, but you have to be careful about the follow-through. Too many brands have blatantly focused on certain demographics in their marketing strategies and have had those plans backfire spectacularly.

Think of the embarrassing ways that brands have targeted the millennial generation in their advertisements. Instead of getting the engagement they were looking for, brands end up losing customers and receiving a hefty amount of criticism online. You can’t expect consumers to respond positively to marketing that paints them as lazy, entitled or obnoxious. No one wants to watch a commercial that feels like a lecture or a direct insult.

Ideally, you should aspire to have a diverse marketing team that can easily tap into multiple demographics — this means different ethnicities, genders, ages and life experiences. When you have a diverse team, you’re more likely to understand your audience, and you’re less likely to underestimate or insult them. There’s a reason why diverse marketing teams are often linked to higher profitability.

A brand’s performance depends on audience engagement. With the help of audience segmentation, you can find out exactly who is and who isn’t responding to your brand’s marketing campaigns. The crucial information will help you modify your advertising strategy so that you make more sales and increase your number of happy and loyal customers.

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