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Updated October 6, 2023

Business Ideas to Sustain

The greater monetary investment, if you think you want to put up an ecommerce, will however be absorbed by marketing (in particular SEO and SEM), related digital activities, and logistics management and warehouse rental costs. Without these activities, in fact, nobody ever knows your ecommerce. Once you start your ecommerce, you have to do only one thing: sell, sell, and sell.

  • The alternative to e-commerce is called Amazon or eBay which are two excellent alternatives to proprietary e-commerce.
  • Both Amazon and eBay can be used both as a sales channel, but also as a marketing tool to “attract” users to their ecommerce.

If you have already thought of selling online on Amazon or eBay, but you have not yet solved your doubts in my post:  Amazon or eBay where it is better to sell online and because you will find useful practical considerations that will help you in the choice. A visit to Master Data Information also creates the best results.

Don’t think too big right away

The mistake when you start selling, this is true for online and not, is to want to overdo it. What need is there to put on the shelf (read for sale) 1,000 products when your customers will always buy those three or four?

So focus on selling only the products that your customers want to buy. If you are not sure which ones you are, go back to reading point 2) of this post.

This rule, which also has a name, it is called the law of 80/20 or Pareto principle – is always valid, but many still underestimate it. Trust me, if you want to sell well online, don’t underestimate it.

The Pareto Principle says a very trivial thing applied to e-commerce: only 20% of the products in the catalog generate 80% of the entire turnover. In a nutshell, out of 100,000 euros earned, as many as 80,000 are generated from those 3 or 4 products that sell better. So concentrate on these 3 or 4.

You better understand how the Pareto Principle “works” and how to apply it to your online business by reading this post: Pareto’s law will help you achieve your goals and help you with your business

Get help

  • Among my tips for selling online , the last one is: get help.
  • Nobody is born Master or “nobody is born learned” as my mother would say.
  • At that time Ebay had recently arrived in Italy and nobody could boast this great sales experience on the marketplace. The famous eBay experts were not there then. Not even all those crap today.

Making mistakes today costs much more than in the past and can fortunately be avoided. So my advice is to help. Today, experts in this field who can help you sell online can find many. Contact them and follow them.

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