How To Promote A Mobile App: 7 Tips

Updated October 6, 2023

Below is the most comprehensive material on keywords and your app’s positions for them. Learn how to get top ranks and collect maximum organics! Algorithms for promotion in storerooms that work right now.

Before we talk about how to promote your product to the masses, let’s highlight the criteria it must meet:

  • uniqueness
  • to satisfy the CA need
  • functional stability
  • lightweight
  • ease of use

1. The components of performance marketing for mobile

How to Promote Mobile App

In mobile app marketing, the main components can be highlighted as follows:

  • stores (Google Play, App Store) and store analytics services;
  • application without errors, preferably by a company that provides professional mobile app testing services
  • tracking – a system that helps you track the source of the installation;
  • an internal analytics system that measures user behavior;
  • sources of attracting traffic

A mobile app can be an additional or independent channel of communication with the audience. As a result, each app can have completely different monetization models and, accordingly, different goals and KPIs.

2. Promotion through search engines.

Why search is important: Store search is the biggest source of free and organic new installations for apps: 65% of all iOS app installations come from search (source). The order of numbers for Google Play is similar.

Free – no money is taken from the app for finding it in search, of course. Organic – a user who specifically searches for the features they want is more likely to stay in your app and make a purchase in it.

Why your position is important in search: As in web search, most of the user’s attention goes to the first positions.

Up to 70% of installations are allocated to apps that are in the first three positions in a search. If you are not in the top 3, you lose the majority of organic users.

3. Create an early user community

When a project gets a boost at the very beginning of its development, it is always very useful. If you can attract attention to the app immediately after its release, it will be easier to gain an audience later on.

You can achieve this in the global market with the help of specialized resources for promoting startups. The top site in this segment is Product Hunt. This is a community of users who are interested in the field of technology and study new projects.

An effective item discharge on this asset will draw in hundreds and thousands of clients, the majority of whom will be from the US and English-talking nations. This implies that you will want to count on getting beta analyzers, yet additionally paying clients.

4. Publication on thematic platforms

If you’ve made a great and important application, some exchange distributions will expound on you free of charge. However, you can’t foresee precisely who will expound on your item and when. To distribute paid audits in a few distributions.

The selection of destinations for a paid distribution is dictated by the subject of the application, the spending plan for advancement, and the topography of the market.

5. Attracting competitors’ advertising traffic

Project announcements are good, but to be successful in the long term, you need a well-developed marketing strategy. It’s easier to create one based on competitors’ activity data. To make money from the app, you need to attract as much traffic as possible, i.e. users who will make in-app purchases or watch ads. Solving this task with organic traffic alone will be difficult, and more often than not you’ll have to buy it.

It isn’t difficult to set up advertisements for an application so that they get clients; it is significantly more compelling to search for powerful moves from contenders. If a few stages work for one application, they are probably going to work for another. That way you can get a good deal on speculation testing.

6. Content marketing

Make yourself known to the world. Pick resources where your target audience spends time and publish a series of guest posts where you talk about the benefits of your app. Give interviews, record podcasts. Make a video about your app, and promote it on YouTube. Be active on social media.

7. Working with opinion leaders

When promoting an app, it’s hard to do without the help of opinion leaders – the influencers for your target audience. To reach millions, you need to identify a few people who listen to those millions and make them like your product and want to tell everyone about it.

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