Best PS4 Camera Extension Cables

Updated October 6, 2023

The camera that you can purchase to go with a PlayStation is an essential component if you want to take advantage of the PlayStation VR system. It can also be used to play certain video games, and may even be utilized to stream video on the internet. One problem is that it uses a proprietary cable to connect it to the PS4, which might leave you with a headache. Here is a look at some of the best cables you can purchase so you will have more room when it comes to using your camera.

PS4 Camera Extension Cables

What to Look For

It can sometimes be hard to determine if a cord is good or not, especially if you haven’t used it. When it comes to finding one that will work with the PS4 camera, you’ll need to first make sure that it will work with the PlayStation.

It should also work quickly and be long enough to be able to solve all of the problems you are experiencing. Like with other VR systems, you likely need a decent amount of room, so you can use it properly. Cords come in a variety of lengths, meaning it is a good idea to have an estimate of the length you need first, before you start looking at products.

Best PS4 Camera Extension Cables for Sale

Instead of having to sift through the countless items available to buy, check out these products first. They all work well with the PS4 and can help you solve issues you may be having.

Most Expensive Cable: Calibur 11 Camera Extension Cable

This Calibur 11 cable is more costly than other options, but it is also something that works great in conjunction with the PS4 camera. The cord is a little longer than 6 feet, which may be the difference between being right in front of the TV and being a safe distance away from everything. If you need a cord that is longer than this, you may want to keep looking.

It works right away but it does look just like many other cables you likely own. You’ll need to keep it in a safe place, so you don’t confuse it with other items you have laying around.

Best Long Cord Option: CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable

If you find yourself needing a lot more space between you and your PS4 camera, you might want to consider the CableCreation Extension Cable. It is about 16 feet in length, which is longer than most options out there.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and works with USB 3, so the connection is rather fast. It also has a distinctive design, which will allow you to be able to distinguish it from other cables. It can even be used with additional devices and machines too, such as other VR units.

Best Budget Cord: UGREEN USB Extension Cable

This cable looks inconspicuous but it packs a lot of technology in it and is the cheapest on the list. The UGREEN cable is 6 feet in length, and has a fair amount of shielding, which helps it work better overall.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee and people use it for a variety of different devices as well. If you are someone that has many machines in your house, you can appreciate any cord that can handle multiple jobs. You can use this for your PS4 camera, your computer, or even a printer. It is up to you.

Final Words on Buying Best PS4 Camera Extension Cables

Sometimes choosing cables is no fun. They can have so few differences between them that you may not be able to tell If you are getting a good deal or not. When it comes to buying extension cables for your PS4 camera, this is still true, so you may need a little bit of advice on how to choose one.

While all of the items on the list work well, the one that is most intriguing is the UGREEN USB Extension Cable. It is the cheapest and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you aren’t out of your purchase price in the event that receive one that doesn’t work properly. Besides that, the length is adequate enough for most purposes.

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  • All except the Calibur 11 cable are just normal USB cables meant for other devices. Yes, it works with “the playstation”, but only for your headset or controller. The PS camera has a very specific USB-style port that will not work with any of the normal USB 2 or 3 cables because it’s a different shape.

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