The Industries That Continue To Adopt Tech To Stay Ahead

Updated October 6, 2023

Technology is forever changing and while some industries get stuck in the past, others are quick to adopt, revolutionising what they do and taking how they perform to an entirely different level.

It’s these industries that we should learn from and feel inspired by. But which are they and what’re they doing to stand out and move forward?

Tech To Stay Ahead


The gaming industry is of course a huge one that can be broken down into many different fragments, from console gaming, to bingo, to other forms of gambling.

What they all consistently do though is move forward with technology. Advances in tech innovation make it very quickly into the gaming world, as casino, bingo and betting brands look to get whatever advantage they can in the very competitive gaming and gambling worlds.  Virtual reality is of course one type of tech that’s really taking off in the gaming industry, and it’s likely that will roll out further from bingo sites reviewed by Which Bingo ( offering virtual bingo halls to the likes of Oculus Rift becoming even more accessible for PC and PlayStation gaming.

As well as VR, online casinos are always keen to be one step ahead, whether that comes to technology to make player accounts safer or offering bitcoin as a method of payment.

It’s evolution like this that continues to make the gambling industry worth billions and one of the fastest growing around.


Dating has come a long way since posting in lonely hearts columns in the daily newspaper. Technology has completely transformed it and continues to do so.

Not only has it made finding a date easier than ever before, narrowing down your location and preferences in a partner, it’s also completely changed attitudes towards matchmaking.

Many people have tried to predict what’s next. Charlie Brooker wrote a Black Mirror based upon what that might hold, while many are predicting AI to seize control of the industry, selecting matches based upon your habits.

Additionally, we may also see VR dates via dating apps, which seems only a short time away.

By 2040, it’s expected 70% of relationships will start online, which is quite staggering, but with the tech so popular and continually evolving, it’s really no surprise.

Food & Drink

Fast food is continuing to evolve. Not long ago the likes of Deliveroo were a mere pipe dream.

There have been multiple breakthroughs that have been successful and all have put the consumer as the main focus, implementing things like Apple Pay, or online ordering forms to deliver restaurant standard food.

Self-service kiosks are continuing to grow in venues, while in warehouses storing food have developed technology to quickly sort items by sell-by date and restocking systems to keep all aspects of business running smoothly.

Packaging is of course something that continues to develop to be more environmentally friendly as well as lock in freshness for longer, the latter particularly using new scientific methods.

Logistics & Delivery

We’ve all seen the Amazon drones and driverless delivery vehicles. It’s technology that is being trialled by the giants and will be completely game-changing.

Logistics and delivery companies are continuing to search for methods to make the transition between warehouse and customer shorter than every.

That’s being done by programmed robots in warehouses, which then automatically stack trucks and vans ready for delivery.

The next step is driverless carts to drop off products and it looks like something that is a matter of months away rather than decades.

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