The Future of Virtual Reality and Online Casinos

Updated October 6, 2023

The pandemic has helped the world of gambling expand, and we’re starting to see online casinos make a glitzy appearance in the world of gaming and virtual reality.

Due to the restrictions we’ve all faced in the last year, it has been challenging to pursue our hobbies or find interesting ways to entertain ourselves. Casinos suffered significantly due to the lack of footfall but soon found a way to get around by introducing online casinos. These allow players to make bets and participate in games from the comfort of their own home.

The evolution of casinos does not stop there. There are rumours that various online casinos will be introducing a VR (virtual reality) version for players to enjoy. VR will eliminate any need to return to the casinos and make them more accessible and easier to use, and in doing so significantly increasing our virtual footfall.

Virtual Reality and Online Gaming

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What is Virtual Reality?

VR of Virtual Reality is a form of gaming that involves a headset that replicates and creates realistic scenes and lifestyles using almost all your senses. The gaming world is used to make the game more immersive, provide the players with more control, and increase entertainment.

Where Did this technology Originate?

The very basic technology was formulated in 1838 by a brain surgeon, which led to the research which led to the stereoscope’s construction. In more recent times, the I technology was designed for military use. In 1972, the General Electric Corporation built a flight simulator that gave a 180-degree field of vision using three screens in the cockpit.

In 1979 VR appeared in the ‘VITAL’ helmet designed by McDonnell-Douglas Corporation for military use. A head tracker in the helmet followed the pilot’s eye movements to create computer-generated images.

Not only is VR used when gaming, but also for simulation courses for doctors, pilots and astronauts. It provides users with a realistic experience and can prepare one for every possible scenario.

Do Gambling and Virtual Reality go together?

No other technology can make a person feel like they are somewhere else when sitting at home. VR can make online casinos immersive and highly realistic. Players will be able to view their cards and numbers and bet real money all from the comfort of their own homes.

So while we have to wait out another lockdown, VR is the obvious answer as it resembles the real thing and provides a safe, lifelike and comfortable experience for any gambler.

Online Gaming and VR

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Why choose VR?

Avoid all the unnecessary hassle you face when going to a real casino by converting your games to VR. There are no more hefty tips for the waiters and dealers, and fortunately, VR can’t replicate the second-hand smoke you inhale at every casino. You save on travel costs and time. Another perk is that you can remain anonymous. No one will know that you gamble unless you want them too.

What Does Futuristic Gambling Look Like?

Technology has evolved in recent years, with VR being the current ground-breaking technology. The future of gambling has so much potential and can go in any direction with how technology is evolving. Who knows what might happen next? Alternate dimension gambling or holograms, there’s no way of knowing.

The future of online casinos seems clear with VR becoming more of a reality, but what will this mean for traditional gambling and casinos? There will be players out there who miss the casino’s total experience and rituals when attending a casino. In-person gambling will still exist long into the future; if it ever reaches a point where VR gambling is superior to in-person gambling, we’ll be sure to see a rapid drop in those attending the casinos.

Some casinos have already started to use VR technology and have introduced this option to players worldwide. The investment in a good pair of Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles is a must if you’re looking to join in the fun from home. The googles might be a little pricey, but they’re worth it for all the perks that come with VR gambling.

Check out the most popular VR casino at the moment, PlayMGM, to get a rough idea about the future in the world of gambling. With how the world is evolving, soon technology such as VR will become more traditional, and current-day casinos will seem like a faint memory of how the world of gambling once began. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this industry.