The Benefits of Having A Personalized Email and Domain Name

Updated October 6, 2023

Own Domain Name

Having your own domain name and a personalized email address will help you increase credibility among potential clients and also improve your online presence and brand.

But how can you get them with minimum costs and no technical aspects involved?

If you’re not that tech-savvy but still want to have a professional image online, we recommend getting an all-in-one package deal from a website builder platform, like WebDo.

A complete platform like WebDo gives you all the designer tools you need in order to create responsive, pixel-perfect websites with no coding knowledge required. It also comes with free hosting with premium features: CLOUD hosting solution, a simple control panel, extra file management features, a Web email account, databases and API integration. More info about the features and integrated apps here.

Benefits of a Personalized Domain and Email Address

Whether you choose your brand name or a SEO domain name, having your own domain, not hosted for free on other websites or free platforms, will drastically improve your visitors’ perspective on your products and/or services.

This shows that you are committed to developing your brand, growing your business, and improving your image. Thus, the credibility among your clients will grow.

Registering a domain name and a personalized email address is not a difficult at all and can be done by anyone. With a couple of clicks and only a few dollars, you’ll be able to have them both set up.

You can buy a new domain at very affordable costs from an all-in-one service for small businesses like WebDo, or any other domain registrar.

After your new domain is purchased, you’ll have to host it on a server. WebDo comes with both Free and Pro plans that take away all the technical aspects from you and let you focus on what truly matters – growing your business, not worrying about the storage and security of your site.

You will also get access to a web mail account which lets you easily create a personalized email address for your business. When it comes to business emails, Yahoo and Gmail do not look professional. But once you get an email address based on your domain name, then you get an instant upgrade of your whole brand image.  It’s one thing how a potential client perceives you when you send your business proposal through a Gmail or Yahoo account, and another when it comes from a personalized email addressed linked to a domain and website. It will show your clients you mean business!

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