The Amazon Kindle Touch Review

Updated October 6, 2023

As reading is the perfect passion for your life, the market has introduced new Kindle Touch with amazing features. Most people describe Kindle as it is fast, easy and free. It is easy to carry and handle the kindle. It is fast to view pages and it is free to download free books. Here are some specs about Kindle Touch that will support your decision before buying a new Kindle device.

Amazon store offers you with reading lists for Kindle Touch that will never finish like books, magazines and publications as well as audio books. The capacity of kindle Touch can reach up to 3000 books. Kindle Touch allows you to lend and share books with your friends, family, and other social networks like Facebook and twitter. Kindle has speech option, so you will able to listen to any content while you are doing different activities. It has also a simple and most advanced multi touch screen in which you can swipe between the pages. The Touch screen has E- screen where you can read in any lighting levels even under the sunlight.

Kindle Touch

Kindle is a digital book where you can add book marks, notes and highlight paragraphs. There is a built in dictionary in which you can check the meaning of the words on Wikipedia website when you are connected to the internet. Now you can use the translation feature to translate any words or phrases from one language to another. It is possible to read PDF documents with the option of zooming in and out texts and images.

It is easy to connect your kindle to any Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can download many books in 60 seconds over Wi-Fi or you can use Kindle Touch 3G instead to download books wherever you go. When you browse the web, you can choose article mode option in which you can display the main text and hide all additional side of the web page. You can create bookmarks for your favorite lists of web pages as well as check the history page and view the sites you have visited. If you want to view the frame structure before reading any book, The X- ray option allows you to view the main ideas, authors, and topics. In addition, you can view more information from different websites like Shelfari.

When you compare the new kindle touch with the previous versions of kindle, you will find that the capacity reaches up to 3,000 books while the old version reaches up to 1,400 books. The battery can works up to two month while the previous version can work up to one month. If you compare Kindle Touch with Kindle keyboard, you will find that both have the same capacity and battery life, but Kindle Touch is much lighter.

In conclusion, if you want to explore Kindle Touch accessories, you will find variety of accessories that cover your needs and wants in the market. It is important to purchase kindle cover to protect the internal and external parts of your gadget. Always get the cover that fits the right size of Kindle Touch with anti glare protection to protect your eyes from any irritation.

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