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TechMaish Theme 1.4 Version Released – Download Now

I am pleased to announce that TechMaish Theme 1.4 is now available for download. As promised, I have added more features inside the new version so that your blog looks more attractive and user friendly. If you have not used TechMaish Theme on your blog, then let me tell you that it is a completely free and search engine optimized theme. Which has several features and one of the premium theme available with no live footer link.

Read the previous articles about the features already available in the previous version.

TechMaish 1.4 Features

The following features are now added in the new version of the theme.

1# Search Box is now moved to the top Navigation Bar.

Search Box

2# Social Sharing Buttons Added Inside Post

Now you can easily display social sharing buttons (facebook like, google plus, twitter and reddit) inside your blog post below title.

social sharing

This option can be enabled from the TechMaish Options Panel.

In order to enable this, Go to Appearance > TechMaish Options and then navigate to “Social Share” menu. From here you can activate the buttons for your blog.


3# SEO Section Disable Feature

I have notice that some of the bloggers are using All In One SEO Pack plugin for SEO work and as in the previous version I added “SEO” section in the Theme. It created issues for the blog owner and that is why I have added a new option in the “SEO” menu to easily disable or enable “TechMaish SEO Section” for your blog.

By default it is Enable, however if you want to disable it, then go to the Appearance > Theme Options and click on “SEO“. The first option ” Tick to Disable SEO Section of TechMaish Theme” will disable the entire SEO features of the Theme.


4# Adsense Codes Inside Post

Now you can easily insert Adsense Code or any other code inside your blog posts. Two options are now added inside the “Advertisement” section of the Theme Options.

1:-  Check this option to show ads inside posts below title

2:- Check this option to show ads inside posts below content

Tick the options and place the code inside the boxes. Click on “Save Options” button and the ads will be added to your blogposts.

Ads in Post

5# Upgrade Option

Now you will be able to upgrade your theme to the new version directly from your Dashboard. Although it was previously added in 1.3 version but there was bug and it is now fixed.

If you are already using TechMaish 1.3, then you can upgrade your theme from Apperance>Upgrade theme menu. For new users and those using older versions, will need to download the latest version from the below link.

Extra Features

I have added two more features in the new version. From now on, you will see “TechMaish Recent Posts” in your blog DashBoard and “TechMaish Advertisements” in the righ side of Post Editor Page. These are only visible to the administrator of the blog. They are not visible to your readers.

>>> Download TechMaish 1.4 Version Now <<<

 If you have any question or want to give any suggestions for the future versions then feel free to drop comments below.