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TechMaish Theme 1.3 Version- Download Now

The new version of TechMaish Theme is now available for download. The latest version is TechMaish 1.3 and you can download it for free. The features added in this new version are; Featured Posts Slider, SEO Features, Enhanced Thumbnails on Home Page, Pagination and much more. Below is the detail of all the features which are added in 1.3 version.

1# Featured Post Slider

Now you can display unlimited featured posts in your blog sliding from right to left side. You can easily enable and disable the feature from inside the “Theme Option” panel. By default the Slider will not appear in your blog once you install the 1.3 version. You will need to activate it. You can follow this tutorial to display the post slider in your blog.

2# Enhanced Thumbnails on Home Page

The previous timthumb.php script is now replaced with a secure one. Timthumb script was blocked by the major web hosting companies because it always allow hackers to get into your blog. We have removed the script now, so that the thumbnails on your blog can look more attractive.

With the new feature you can now select any image as thumbnail. Upload a image using the WordPress Uploader and click on “Use as featured image” link and the image will be added as thumbnail for the particular post.

3# Enable or Disable Thumbnails on Home Page

If you don’t like the thumbnails on your blog home page then you can simply disable it. Go to your blog Dashboard>Appearance>Theme Options> and untick the option “Check this option if you want to show featured image thumb” and all the thumbnails on the home page will disable. You can enable it by ticking the option.

4# SEO Features

Another tab is added under the Theme Options on the name of “SEO” where you have 4 SEO features.

  1. Add Noindex to Categories
  2. Add Noindex to Tags
  3. Add Noindex to Archives

Using these features you can stop google bots for categories, tags and archives. I recommend every blogger to add noindex to categories, tags and archives. You can read more about “why categories and tags should be noindex nofollow” in different forums and blogs to understand why it is so important. (I recommend to add noindex to all the 3)

4. Meta Title and Description Field

Now you can add Meta Title and Description for the Home Page from “SEO” tab. This will help in boosting your blog home page ranking in search engines.

5. Meta Title and Description field for Posts and Pages

This is one of the powerful feature added to TechMaish 1.3 theme. Now you can add meta title and description for any post and page inside the editor. Scroll down when you are writing a post and you will see “TM SEO Meta Box“. From there you can enter a Meta Title and Meta Description for a article.

Meta Keywords are not important that much and google now ignore it so we did not added it in the theme. If you are using All in One SEO Plugin, then you can stop using it because your theme has now this feature. Just make sure not to add both at the same time, otherwise it will confuse the google bots. Use either the TM SEO Meta Box or All In One SEO Plugin.

5# Other Features

  • The h3 style is added for the Theme. Now the theme has h3 just like the official blog TechMaish.com
  • A Separator line between the Sidebar and Content is also added.
  • The font size of sidebar content and links has increase from 12 to 14px. Now it looks more cooler.

Get the latest version and play with it. It is going to be the best free premium like theme for all the bloggers. Activate it and let me if you encounter any issue in the theme. Although it is tested and works fine but if still there is any issue you can ping me.

Download TechMaish 1.3 Now

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