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TechMaish Theme 1.1 Released- Now Available in 5 Different Colors

First of all thanks to all the bloggers who are using TechMaish Theme. Those who are using the theme are already aware of the TechMaish Theme features, however who are not yet aware can see the features here in this post.

TechMaish Theme 1.1 is now available with the following updates.

  • The new version is now available in 5 different colors (Red, Blue, Pink, Brown and Green).
  • Timtumb script is also now updated, your wordpress is now secure.
  • Author Bio feature is also added

TechMaish Theme 5 Color Combination

From Dashboard>Appearance>TechMaish Option>select your required color and your theme color will be changed.
techmaish 1.1

Note:- Before selecting any color, don’t forget to change the background color from Dashboard>Appearance>Background> to the one you think can look better with your theme color.

Red Theme

red techmaish theme

Pink Theme

pink techmaish theme

Blue Theme

blue tm theme

Green Theme

green techmaish theme

Brown Theme

brown theme

As you know TechMaish Theme uses Timthumb script to crop and resize images. We have updated our theme file timthumb.php to the updated version of the script so that your wordpress blog can stay secure.

Another feature added to the theme is Author Bio. Now you can enter your author bio in Dashboard>Apperance>TechMaish Theme>to display in your blogpposts. Tick the option “ then write a bio in the “

>>>Download TechMaish 1.1 From Here<<<

Note:- If you like the theme, then kindly don’t remove the footer link from your theme. It will help us to stay motivated and keep updating the theme to add more useful features. The theme will always be available for FREE to the whole blogging community. We are making this theme one of the best and feature rich FREE wordpress theme on internet. So if you want to say Thank You to us then do this by just leaving the footer link intact.

Once again thanks to all the bloggers for using our TechMaish Theme. Enjoy the new version and let us know if you have any problem or if you want us to add any feature in the upcoming version of the theme.