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How to Add Adsense 468×60 Banner Ad in TechMaish Theme Header?

As per the request of TechMaish Theme users, i am going to write the tutorial about how you can place adsense 468×60 banner or text Ad in your blog header.

Checkout the screen shot for the location where the adsense ad will be placed in the header section.

adsense ad in techmaish

468×60 Adsense Ad in Techmaish Theme

How to Place Adsense Code in Header?

1:- Go to Dashboard>Appearance>Editor>

2:- Select header.php file

3:- Find the code div class=”headeradd”>



4:- Now select the code inside div class=”headeradd”> and </div> and replace it with the adsense code.

In order to place the adsense code in the right place, checkout the below screen shot.

banner ad

5:- After adding the adsense code for 468×60 Ad, click on the “Update File” button located at the end of the page.

Visit your blog and now you will see adsense added in your blog header section. Also check out some high paying cpm ad networks to make more money from your blog.

Let me know if you face any problem during implementing the code.