Swiss Data Centers Offer High Security Just Like Swiss Banks

Updated October 6, 2023

A recent article by Alex Hammerli in the 20 Minutes newspaper focused on the future of data storage in Switzerland, which is fast becoming the new haven for data storage.  Switzerland’s Global Reputation  Switzerland enjoys global fame for its safety and security thanks to its strict laws regarding secret bank accounts. The country enjoys a high degree of political and financial stability and this inspires confidence in large companies.

The increased levels of security offered by data centers has attracted companies like HP, IBM,, Yahoo and Swift to store their data in data centers in the country. Coupled with highly skilled workers and a fast speed fiber network, Switzerland enjoys many advantages.  Data Storage Centers  The Swiss Fort Knox came into being in 1994. Using an old Cold War bunker deep inside the Swiss Alps which is nuclear proof, this center has two separate facilities, 10 km apart – Mount 10 Swiss Data Backup and SISPACE AG, dealing with different storage solutions.

swizz data center
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With extremely secure security measures in place, bullet proof plastics and face recognition surveillance software, it is no wonder then that it is aptly called the Swiss Fort Knox. It has its own climate system and is safe from any military or civil threat.  There are many other data centers which operate in different parts of Switzerland. Many of them have adopted green and environmentally friendly practices apart from high security for data storage.

In fact data storage is a burgeoning sector. A report by Credit Suisse shows that the sector is slated to grow at 20 percent annually. In the next three years, 50,000 square feet of office space will be required to house the data storage centers.  Swift, the financial services data center, which is responsible for financial data in banks, is constructing a new data centre in Diessenhofen in Canton Thurgau.

The construction will be over in 2013 at a cost of 50 million francs. The company plans not to allow the US automatic access to its intra European bank transactions.  Among the people who have lauded the Swiss data centers are Franz Grüter, CEO of, the head of HP in Switzerland and the Director of Tajo, a leading financial solutions provider in the country.  Check out this video to see the high security data center in the Swiss Alps.

Author Bio:- Mehmet Mustafa is a founder of Jobs Heute AG in Switzerland. He is alsow working on a project Tajo Kredit AG in Switzerland, doing webdevelopement and technews.

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